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Hightail buys adeptCloud to bolster secure collaboration

Hightail acquired adeptCloud for an undisclosed sum

Files sharing service Hightail, formerly known as Yousendit announced Wednesday that it has acquired adeptCloud, a file sync and collaboration service touting strong security, privacy and control attributes.

YouSendit rebrands as Hightail to better compete against ‘Boxes’ of the world

Hightail CEO Brad Garlinghouse

Hightail’s announcement comes off the heels of Dropbox’s inaugural DBX event, a developer-focused conference where the company revealed a range of new features and APIs already being folded into the likes of Yahoo Mail and Shutterstock. At the event Dropbox also announced that its user base recently climbed above 175 million, over four times Hightail’s user base – which sits at roughly 43 million.

Share and sync needs to be cloud agnostic, says YouSendIt SVP

Eric van Miltenburg is YouSendIt's senior vice president of business development

YouSendIt is one of the most mature cloud-based file share and sync services on the market today, and Business Cloud News recently had the chance to sit down with Eric van Miltenburg, the company’s senior vice president of business development to chat about the future of share and sync, enterprise IT and the cloud. As […]