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Microsoft buys Aorato in cloud security push

Microsoft bought Israel-based Active Director security specialist Aorato

The acquisition will see most of Aorato’s team join Microsoft, with the company ceasing to sell its flagship product, Directory Services Application Firewall (DAF). It’s unclear where Aorato’s technology will sit in the Microsoft portfolio but it would make sense to offer it as part of AD on Azure or Windows Server, or within its enterprise mobility services portfolio.

Equinix to roll-out Azure ExpressRoute in 16 markets to bolster private links

Equinix will be rolling out Microsoft technology that allows private connections between on-premise, colocated servers and Windows Azure

Global cloud services provider operator Equinix announced a deal with Microsoft this week that will see the company deploy Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute technology in its international business exchange (IBX) datacentres in 16 markets. The deal, a first for Microsoft, is intended to help reassure customers with security concerns about hybrid cloud deployments.

Microsoft puts Azure at the centre of Internet of Things

Microsoft chief executive officer Satya Nadella said his company will continue to target the burgeoning Internet of Things market

Microsoft’s freshly minted chief executive officer Satya Nadella said this week that the Internet of Things (IoT) will play an increasingly large role in the company’s strategy moving forward. The company unveiled the latest version of SQL server and a number of Azure-based services designed to ingest, metabolise and rationalise data from IoT sensors.

Microsoft partners with BT for private Azure links

BT said the partnership with Microsoft will help reduce the risk associated with moving to the cloud

As security and data privacy continue to hold CIOs back from dabbling with cloud services, BT and Microsoft announced a partnership Friday that will see the former provide private links for the latter’s Azure public cloud service. The move comes the same day Verizon announced a dark fibre service linking its public cloud platforms with Microsoft’s, with plans to support other platforms in the near future.

Microsoft’s cloud strategy four years on: Q&A with Azure GM Steven Martin

Steven Martin, general manager of Windows Azure at Microsoft

This month, Microsoft’s public cloud and platform as a service business turns four years old. Microsoft has been fairly cagey when it comes to revealing user numbers but Windows Azure general manager Steven Martin told Business Cloud News that the overall compute footprint has consistently doubled every six to nine months since the service began running. BCN spoke with Martin to learn more about how far Microsoft’s cloud business has come over the past four years, and where it’s heading.

GoDaddy’s new CIO to “take everything to the cloud”

Arne Josefsberg, executive vice president, chief infrastructure officer and chief information officer at GoDaddy

Internet domain registrar and cloud hosting provider GoDaddy announced the appointment of tech industry veteran Arne Josefsberg as its new executive vice president, chief infrastructure officer and chief information officer this week. Josefsberg told Business Cloud News that as the business expands further into the cloud and hosting business he plans to invest more in open source technologies as he shifts (eventually all of) the company’s internal systems over to the cloud.

IBM follows AWS into China


Within hours of Amazon announcing that it plans to launch AWS in China in early 2014 IBM said that it plans to bring its infrastructure as a service to the country sometime in the new year. The move may help counteract a slump in the company’s hardware business in China.

Aston Martin taps Azure to manage traffic spikes after featuring on Top Gear

Roach-Rooke said the website traffic grows tenfold when an Aston Martin vehicle features on Top Gear

Luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin said Thursday that it uses the Microsoft’s public cloud platform to manage traffic spikes after the company’s vehicles are featured on Top Gear, a widely viewed car-focused television programme.

Cost prevention overtakes compliance as goal for cloud-based software

Peter Bjorkman, CTO, Snow Software

Over half of a company’s IT applications are predicted to be located in the ‘cloud’ within the next two years, according to industry analysts. This requires yet another shift in asset management methodologies as the traditional ‘WINTEL’ environments of the past continue to be superseded by heterogeneous platforms combining Linux, Mac, Windows, virtualisation and software as a service (SaaS) applications. As the switch to cloud based applications continues to gain pace, this will upset the traditional view of software asset management (SAM) as being primarily concerned with delivering licensing compliance and widen the emphasis on cost optimisation.

AT&T teams with Microsoft to provide cloud solution to enterprises

AT&T has teamed up with Microsoft to provide cloud solution to enterprises

US operator AT&T has teamed up with Microsoft to offer a cloud solution allowing enterprise customers to connect to Microsoft’s cloud platform using a private network. The solution will use cloud integration technology from AT&T over a virtual private network to pair with Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform.