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24% of businesses expect a cyberattack within the next 90 days

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Research from VMWare has highlighted 24% of office workers and IT decision makers believe their organization will be the victim of a cyberattack with the next 90 days, mainly due to the belief that the threats are advancing at a faster pace than a company’s defences.

Leadership restructure has little impact as VMWare reports 5% growth

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VMWare has reported healthy growth during its Q1 earnings call despite disruptions in the management team over the period.

EMC and VMware launch hyperconverged VxRail appliance


Storage vendor EMC and virtualiser VMware have jointly launched a family of hyper-converged infrastructure appliances (HCIA) for VMware environments.

VMware broadens its Horizon 7 and Horizon Air

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Cloud infrastructure vendor VMware has announced that VMware Horizon 7 and VMware Horizon will be simpler to set up, faster, easier to maintain and more flexible.

VMware lay offs will herald year of mass global IT redundancies says analyst

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Cloud driven IT industry convergence will result in 330,000 job losses across the globe in 2016, according to one analyst.

VMware beefs up security, announces IBM and Intel collaborations

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VMware has moved to patch flaws in several of its services and has worked with Intel Security to beef up its protection of mobile cloud systems.

Dell EMC takeover raises questions about Virtustream and Perot Systems

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Two new developments have been reported this week as Dell and EMC attempt to resolve the $67 billion question of how to finance one of the biggest mergers in the history of technology.

Shareholders question value in Dell/EMC deal

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The prospect of a potential shareholder revolt has changed the terms of the EMC takeover by Dell.

Google appoints ex-VMware boss to lead enterprise web services business

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Google has appointed former VMware CEO and current Google board member Diane Greene to head a new business-oriented cloud service.

EMC, VMware unveil plans for Virtustream hybrid for the enterprise cloud


EMC and VMware are to combine their cloud offerings under a jointly owned 50/50 shared Virtustream brand led by Virtustream CEO Rodney Rogers.