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Deutsche Telekom reveals government snooping requests

Telekom is shifting pressure to the authorities

In the wake of a far reaching report by Vodafone Group revealing the level of government snooping demanded in 29 countries the company holds an operating licence in, German carrier Deutsche Telekom has published figures on wiretapping in its domestic market.

Google’s privacy chief attacks EU data protection reforms

Peter Fleischer, global privacy counsel at Google

Google’s global privacy counsel Peter Fleischer said Europe’s efforts to overhaul its pan-European data protection framework have “collapsed,” and urged lawmakers to rethink wide-reaching reforms.

European Commission expert group begins work on cloud contract terms

The expert group is helping the EC set up model contract terms for cloud service providers and customers

Following announcements made this Summer the European Commission this week begun work on setting out standard terms for cloud contracts. The Commission says an expert working group will help ensure the inclusion of fair contract terms in cloud service contracts becomes best practice and improve confidence in cloud services.

EU LIBE Committee votes to strengthen EU data protection laws

The European Commission will now enter into negotiations with EU member states to develop a final text ahead of the EU elections in the Spring 2014

The Committee for Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) of the European Parliament voted to approve the European Commission’s data protection reforms Tuesday, the most significant legal overhaul of the EU’s data protection policy since 1995. The wide-reaching reforms aim to centralise data protection oversight, strengthen enforcement and penalties, and give European citizens more say in what internet giants, cloud service providers and businesses can do with their data.