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Google adds Stackdriver-based monitoring tools to GCP to appease developers

Google is adding a range of service monitoring capabilities to its cloud platform in a bid to lure developers to its service

In a bid to woo developers to the company’s young cloud platform Google announced the addition of a number of debugging and monitoring tools to Google Cloud Platform that it said would help developers ensure their applications are running smoothly. The move comes just one month after Stackdriver was acquired by Google.

Bloomberg hybrid cloud service opens access to ‘dark data’ for firms

Collet: opportunities to use dark data

Bloomberg Vault has introduced a hybrid cloud-based service that enables firms to “identify, categorise, track and manage” unstructured data held in corporate files and documents.

Hot Metal: How bare metal is making a comeback in cloud

In the world of cloud not all workloads are created equally and bare metal cloud might be making a comeback

Cloud computing entails a significant shift in the way IT services are delivered to organisations, a trend correlated with, and to some extent the cause of, virtualisation in datacentre services. Given the many benefits virtualisation affords: flexibility, scalability, and agility, to name a few, it can be confidently said that most cloud-based services offered today are hosted on some virtualised platform. Yet there is a converse trend that is seeing enterprises, driven by performance, security and cost concerns, swinging back towards bare metal implementations.