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Red Hat doubles down on cloud for government

Red Hat is targeting the US federal government with its cloud consultancy

Linux incumbent Red Hat has launched a consulting practice in the US aimed at helping government agencies at all levels to manage and run cloud services. The company said it wants to help alleviate some of the major pain points government bodies experience when moving to the cloud.

AT&T targets federal government with secure cloud storage

AT&T is targeting the US federal government for its ultra secure cloud services

AT&T has launched what it claims to be a highly secure cloud-based storage solution designed specifically for US federal government agencies. The launch comes as US federal agencies seem to be lagging on cloud implementations.

US federal gov failure to leverage cloud may cost up to $19bn

The US federal government could save billions by moving wholesale to the cloud

According to research published this week, although nearly three in every four US federal government agencies using at least one cloud service, most federal government IT staff see a very limited role for cloud services within their overall IT strategy. MeriTalk and AT&T, the firms that commissioned the research, claim the feds may be missing out on nearly $19bn in IT savings.

IBM cosies up to US federal government with new DC innovation centre

IBM wants to collaborate with the public sector on cloud innovations based on their needs

IBM opened up the Federal Cloud Innovation Center in Washington DC this week. The technology giant wants to make its research and consulting services available to federal agencies and public sector organisations as they look to migrate to or build out cloud services.