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Digital Reality opens €150m datacentre in Dublin

Digital Reality has opened a €150m datacentre in Dublin

Datacentre and colocation giant Digital Reality has announced the opening of its datacentre campus in Dublin’s Digital Profile Park, part of a phased datacentre development plan in the region.

Cloud adoption grows while enterprise datacentres investment remains flat

The Uptime Institute says cloud services is cannibalising enterprise datacentre growth

While global adoption of public cloud computing seems to be picking up pace in 2013, enterprise datacentre growth has either remained flat or decreasing, according to a report published Thursday by international datacentre authority Uptime Institute.

Ken Brill, father of the modern data centre, passes away

Kenneth G. Brill was 69 when he passed away earlier this week

Brill, who was an electrical engineer by trade, helped pioneer a number of datacentre innovations including dual power topology, the tiered system used to rank datacentre performance, and IT/facility energy efficiency and productivity measurement.