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The future of cloud – Telstra’s perspective

Nathan Bell, director of product marketing, Telstra Global

The number of internet-connected video devices is set to exceed the human population by 2017 thanks to the explosion of smartphone, and tablets and the APAC region is acting as the engine room to this growth. There has been a change in the way we interact with this type of technology, with cloud enabling end-users to access this content remotely. Young tech savvy consumers, dubbed the ‘Y’ generation, have grown up surrounded by technological innovation and are unaware of how the connected and online experience is shaping their lives.

Telstra Global joins Cloud Industry Forum

Telstra Global joins cloud industry heavyweights like Dell, VMware and Microsoft

Carrier services provider Telstra Global on Wednesday announced that it has joined the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), a non-profit industry body working towards the development of a common code of practice for cloud service providers.