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UK Government passes spy bill with strong majority

Lady Justice On The Old Bailey, London

The House of Commons has voted in favour of the Investigatory Powers Bill which gives UK intelligence agencies greater power to examine browsing histories and hack phones.

As NSA reform dies, questions about Safe Harbour reform loom

NSA reform, or lack thereof, may create more urgency around reforming the Safe Harbour agreement

The USA Freedom Act, which was proposed in a bid to end mass surveillance and give more transparency and oversight to how digital communications are monitored by the US intelligence community, died on the floor of the US Senate this week, falling just two votes shy of the 60 votes it needed to pass. Some analysts believe the result will stoke further debate around Safe Harbour and other data sharing agreements with the US.

Cloud firms discuss NSA spying, with Obama

President Obama and senior government officials met with executives from leading cloud and tech firms to discuss a range of topics; NSA spying was top of mind

US President Barack Obama met with executives from some of America’s largest cloud and IT service providers to discuss the government’s surveillance activities and its troubled site Tuesday. The move came a day after a US Federal Court judged said in a ruling that the NSA’s mass surveillance activities are “likely unconstitutional.”