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ISO 27018 and protecting personal information in the cloud: a first year scorecard

ISO 27018 has been around for a year - but is it effective?

A year after it was published, ISO 27018 – the first international standard focusing on the protection of personal data in the public cloud – continues, unobtrusively and out of the spotlight, to move centre stage as the battle for cloud pre-eminence heats up.

Microsoft beats rivals to certify under new public cloud security standard

Microsoft claims to be the first to adopt ISO/IEC 27018

Microsoft has adopted a relatively new ISO standard that specifies measures to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in public cloud environments. The company claims it is the first public cloud provider to do so.

IEEE forms group to address 25 Gb/s Ethernet standard for cloud datacentres

The IEEE is looking to create standards pertaining to 25 Gb/s Ethernet links

The IEEE has formed a working group to explore the market opportunities and needs for a single-lane 25 Gb/s speed for server interconnects for Ethernet. The formation of the 25 Gb/s Ethernet Study Group comes shortly after Google, Arista, and Microsoft, operating as part of the recently formed 25G Ethernet Consortium released a specification enabling single-lane 25 Gb/s Ethernet and dual-lane 50 Gbps Ethernet links.

European Commission releases standard cloud SLA guidelines

The European Commission released standard SLA terms for cloud services, aimed at improving trust and certainty around the cloud in Europe

The European Commission has released a set of cloud service level agreement (SLA) standards designed to give EU businesses more certainty around what cloud service providers and consumers are responsible for when entering into contractual agreements.

ODCA, Intel partner on IaaS service quality standards

The ODCA, Intel and Appnomic are partnering on a resource they claim will improve IaaS resource standardisation, placing more emphasis on quality of service and end-user outcomes

In a bid to help enterprises navigate the broad array of cloud infrastructure services on the market, the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) is partnering with Intel. The pair intend to integrate ODCA’s cross-industry resource usage reference models into Intel’s Cloud Finder programme, an online tool used to compare cloud platforms, and develop a proof of concept that will help improve transparency of quality of service standards of IaaS platforms.