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Olery CTO: We are a 100% cloud company

Wilco van Duinkerken, chief technical officer, Olery

Delivering business intelligence to the hospitality industry, Olery’s transition from a startup with a headcount of three to a 20-person company in just two years required an IT setup that could scale as it evolved. As a result, the company turned to the cloud for everything from service delivery and product development to sales, marketing and productivity, according to Wilco van Duinkerken, Olery’s chief technical officer.

France’s Nerim acquires Boost to strengthen cloud offerings

Nerim has acquired Boost, a software as a service and hosting provider, for an undisclosed amount

French business ISP Nerim has announced the acquisition of Boost, a software as a service (SaaS) provider and hosting company based in France.

UK Accountancy firms slow to adopt cloud services

Most UK accountancy firms cited availability, reliability and slow broadband as chief impediments

But the survey found that most respondents did not see the need to move away from their existing hosted services, citing that they would see no additional benefit from moving over to the cloud – and just eight per cent said it would mean a big change in the way they currently worked.

VMS partners with IBM to deliver cloud-based mobile computing platform


Vietnam Mobile Telecom Servies Co. (VMS), the country’s third largest mobile carrier which operates under the MobiFone brand on Friday announced a collaboration with IBM to build an advanced, end-to-end mobile computing platform.

Orange sees potential for ‘industrialised’ cloud in US and AsiaPac

Orange Business Services’ lead for international cloud operations, Chis McKay

In the wake of Orange Business Services taking its enterprise cloud infrastructure to Asia and North America, Business Cloud News had a chance to speak with Orange Business Services’ lead for international cloud operations, Chis McKay.

Is G-Cloud a sign of things to come for IT and the cloud?

The CloudStore is the first of its kind and may serve as a model for cloud procurement outside government

As governments begin radically transforming the ways in which they procure cloud-based ICT services, it’s worth taking a closer look at what the UK government has done to deploy these technologies and services to its departments and agencies. Their approach raises serious questions about how cloud services may be procured in the future – for […]

Barracuda Networks acquires SignNow fueling cloud storage growth

Barracuda Networks acquires SignNow for an undisclosed price

In a bid to grow its user base and carve out a unique presence in the cloud-based content sharing space, Barracuda Networks on Wednesday announced that it has acquired SignNow, a leading mobile signing and document storage platform.

Multinationals trust telcos with the cloud

As uptake of cloud computing services by multinational corporations takes off, Ovum research indicates that the credibility of telcos as trusted providers in the space has increased significantly in the past year.