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SoftLayer ups RAM, drops storage and compute costs

SoftLayer rejigged its cloud pricing

SoftLayer announced new pricing model it said would make the company more competitive among other cloud providers, in part by not charging for many of the networking costs.

IBM stands up SoftLayer datacentre in Italy

IBM has added its first SoftLayer datacentre in Italy, and its 24th globally

The company said the datacentre in Milan, a growing hub for cloud services, will enable it to offer a local option for Italian businesses looking to deploy IBM cloud services. The facility, it’s 24th SoftLayer datacentre globally, has a capacity for up to 11,000 servers, a power rating of 2.8 megawatts, and is designed to Tier III spec.

IBM to ‘walk the walk’, adds OpenPower servers to SoftLayer

IBM is adding OpenPower-spec servers to SoftLayer datacentres

IBM said it plans to offer OpenPower-based bare metal cloud services in its SoftLayer datacentres globally in the second quarter of this year.

SoftLayer to add cloud datacentres in Sydney, Montreal

IBM has stood up five cloud datacentres in less than four months

SoftLayer will soon open new cloud datacentres in Sydney, Australia and Montreal, Canada as part of the company’s continued global rollout, with plans to add more capacity in other high growth regions in the coming months.

IBM cloud checks in to the Marriott

Marriott is moving much of its core IT landscape into IBM's cloud

Global hotel chain Marriott International announced plans to use IBM’s cloud services to bolster the digital services the company offers to its guests in over 4,000 locations and improve the efficiency of the company’s IT operations.

SoftLayer and IBM to remain at arm’s length, execs say

It's likely SoftLayer won't ever be fully absorbed into IBM, execs say

IBM’s acquisition of SoftLayer has helped the firm refocus its efforts on infrastructure as a service, with IBM filling the professional services and legacy enterprise IT gap, said SoftLayer chief technology officer Marc Jones. According to Doug Clark, cloud leader for IBM UK and Ireland, the two firms are likely to continue remaining at arm’s length.

IBM’s SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby quits

Crosby looks set to take a break from the tech world before landing a new gig

Lance Crosby, the chief executive officer of SoftLayer, the cloud service provider acquired by IBM in 2013, has resigned from the firm. Given the recent appointment of Robert LeBlanc and reports of a massive reorganisation underway at the firm, it is unclear whether IBM will seek to replace Crosby.

IBM down 11 per cent in Q4 as ‘transformation’ continues

IBM is having a tough time transitioning its business to cloud despite aggressive investment in scaling out

IBM reported another tough quarter this week, with Q4 2014 total revenues hitting $24.1bn, down 12 per cent from the same quarter last year. While the company reported growth in several strategic areas – cloud, mobile, security and data analytics – IBM still seems to be struggling to transform without taking a long-term hit on its balance sheets.

SoftLayer heads to Mexico

SoftLayer's latest datacentre opened in Querétaro near Mexico City this week

IBM announced the opening of the company’s latest SoftLayer datacentre in Mexico just one week after the company unveiled its Frankfurt datacentre.

IBM opens SoftLayer datacentre in Frankfurt

IBM opened its first SoftLayer datacentre in Germany this week

IBM has announced the opening of the company’s first SoftLayer datacentre in Germany this week, part of its $1.2bn investment into global cloud datacentres announced nearly one year ago. The move comes just months after AWS announced the launch of its Frankfurt-based public cloud.