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Not-for-profit slams Oracle’s cloud licensing practices

Oracle was called out for its poor cloud service licensing practices

Oracle should review its cloud service licensing practices or risk alienating customers according to the Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL), an independent not-for-profit organisation campaigning for the rights of business software buyers.

Azure outage raises questions about public cloud for mission-critical apps

Azure's outages raises questions about the suitability of public cloud platforms for mission-critical applications

Microsoft Azure has been hit by yet another global outage, this time impacting even its own online Office services and websites. The outage raises serious questions about whether these kinds of public cloud platforms are ready for mission-critical workloads.

Cloud SLAs are failing enterprises, Claranet says

Cloud SLAs are too basic and don't capture performance objectives enterprises are looking for

Cloud service providers are making availability and uptime the core metrics upon which services are evaluated. But SLAs that focus overwhelmingly on availability and uptime often fail to include performance objectives that capture the dynamic nature of the relationship between cloud vendors and customers, or what enterprises are really looking for from their service providers, according to Paul Marland, director of account management at Claranet.

European Commission releases standard cloud SLA guidelines

The European Commission released standard SLA terms for cloud services, aimed at improving trust and certainty around the cloud in Europe

The European Commission has released a set of cloud service level agreement (SLA) standards designed to give EU businesses more certainty around what cloud service providers and consumers are responsible for when entering into contractual agreements.

Cloud SLAs too vague on security; need more transparency

Gartner says cloud service providers need to be more explicit with what they can and can't provide

At least four in five customers of cloud services are finding security provisions in their contracts inadequate, leading to higher levels of dissatisfaction among enterprise customers of these services, according to Gartner.