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G-Cloud: Much has been achieved, but the programme still needs work

The UK government is ahead of the curve in cloud, but work still needs doing

Thanks to G-Cloud, the once stagnant public sector IT marketplace that was dominated by a small number of large incumbent providers, is thriving. More and more SMEs are listing their assured cloud services on the framework, which is driving further competition and forcing down costs for public sector organisations, ultimately benefitting each and every UK tax payer.  But the programme still needs work.

Skyscape, DeepSecure strike cloud data compliance deal

Skyscape is partnering with DeepSecure to bolster its security cred

Cloud service provider Skyscape is partnering with DeepSecure in a move the companies said would help public sector cloud users meet their compliance needs.

Skyscape, Taser partner on cloud-based body-worn cameras

Taser will use Skyscape's infrastructure for its body-cam service for UK police forces

UK cloud service provider Skyscape has partnered with Taser International, a Dutch supplier of body-worn cameras for UK police forces, in a move that will see the back-end digital evidence management platform behind the scenes move onto the cloud.

Contrary to popular belief, G-Cloud awareness is soaring

A recently published survey suggests G-Cloud is continuing to gain traction

A broad survey of UK public servants published Tuesday suggests a majority are still unaware of the UK Government’s G-Cloud initiative despite a series of high-profile deployments and combined sales of close to £250m. But some cloud service vendors believe the survey results suggest GDS’s efforts to make the cloud procurement programme more visible are paying off.

UK SME Skyscape Cloud Services bags £4m from BGF

Skyscape said it plans to expand its efforts to target the public sector, and enhance its platform as a service proposition

UK-based cloud services provider Skyscape announced Thursday that it has secured a £4m minority stake investment from the Business Growth Fund, which will be used to accelerate its growth in the UK public sector market.

Price wars threaten smaller cloud players, IDC claims

IDC claims the constant price wars that have become endemic to the cloud industry will threaten smaller providers. But some aren't convinced.

Major cloud service providers like Amazon and Microsoft regularly drop their prices resulting inevitably in what many would describe as an unavoidable race to the bottom in the increasingly commoditising IaaS space. And according to research and analysis firm IDC, small cloud service providers run the risk of being forced out of the market altogether as a result. But some aren’t convinced.

As G-Cloud turns 2, balance between SIs and SMEs emerges

56 per cent of sales by value, and 61 percent by volume through the CloudStore have gone to SMEs

The UK government’s innovative model for procuring digital services, G-Cloud, turns two years old today. Chief executive officer of cloud services provider Skyscape told Business Cloud News that although there’s still progress to be made, a balance between SMEs and the big SIs that have traditionally claimed the lion’s share of public sector IT spending is finally beginning to emerge.

For most workloads, cloud costs less than half as much as traditional alternatives

UK CSP Skyscape produced a detailed assessment comparing the TCO of on-premise or dedicated IT solutions vs their cloud-based correlates; for the most part, the cloud-based platforms were cheaper

In the cloud space it’s exceedingly difficult to find apples-to-apples comparisons, which is among other reasons why there is still a lot of confusion surrounding the true cost of cloud-based infrastructure solutions and when it makes economic sense to use them (or, when it doesn’t). Skyscape chief executive officer Phil Dawson told Business Cloud News that the savings can be quite significant when moving enterprise workloads over to the cloud, but in some cases the financial benefits aren’t as clear.