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For most workloads, cloud costs less than half as much as traditional alternatives

UK CSP Skyscape produced a detailed assessment comparing the TCO of on-premise or dedicated IT solutions vs their cloud-based correlates; for the most part, the cloud-based platforms were cheaper

In the cloud space it’s exceedingly difficult to find apples-to-apples comparisons, which is among other reasons why there is still a lot of confusion surrounding the true cost of cloud-based infrastructure solutions and when it makes economic sense to use them (or, when it doesn’t). Skyscape chief executive officer Phil Dawson told Business Cloud News that the savings can be quite significant when moving enterprise workloads over to the cloud, but in some cases the financial benefits aren’t as clear.

SMBs call for change to G-Cloud before fifth framework launch

A group of private and public sector organisations outlined their views on reforming the next iterartion (fifth) of G-Cloud in an open letter to the programme's head Tony Singleton

In an open letter sent earlier this month to Government Digital Services chief operating officer and head of the G-Cloud programme Tony Singleton, the companies indicated a strong need to provide more clarity on the protective marking scheme (GPMS) changes and pan governmental accreditation of cloud services; review the mandatory length of contract terms and safe contracting procedures (due diligence) for buying through the Cloud Store; reduce “cloud washing” (calling things cloud services when they don’t fit with the NIST definition); improve the transparency of the overall service; and provide a framework (contractual, procedural) for jointly offering services to the public sector through the Cloud Store.