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Skyhigh Networks opens European data centre to resolve Safe Harbour fears


Cloud security vendor Skyhigh Networks has opened a new data centre in Germany as it moves to strengthen its support of European customers and multi-nationals.

Salesforce doubles down on financial services

Salesforce is doubling down on financial services firms

Salesforce is previewing a cloud platform tailored specifically to the needs of financial services professionals. The move comes the same week research reveals the average financial services firm uses over 1,000 cloud-based applications.

Skyhigh bags $40m from, others

Skyhigh Networks announced a $40m series c funding round, bringing its total yield since February 2013 to $66.5m

Cloud and network security firm Skyhigh Networks has raised $40m in financing from Greylock Partners, Sequoia, and, bringing the total amount secured by the firm to $66.5m since its launch in February last year.

90% of European enterprise cloud services fail on enteprise grade security

Less than one in ten cloud services used in enterprises lack enterprise-grade security, a Skighhigh Networks survey reveals

More than 90 per cent of cloud services currently used by European enterprises fail to implement enterprise-grade security parameters according to research published Thursday. Rajiv Gupta, chief executive officer of Skyhigh Networks, the firm that commissioned the study, said the results suggest enterprises need to develop more robust cloud management strategies in order to mitigate the high levels of risk they are clearly taking on.

Enterprises block cloud services for wrong reasons, study says

The study suggests enterprises aren't necessarily aware of the risks involved with using cloud services

Most companies block cloud services like Netflix and Skype in order to ensure the employees’ productivity levels don’t drop. But according to Rajiv Gupta, co-founder and chief executive of Skyhigh Networks, which commissioned a study looking at cloud service usage within enterprises, IT departments are blocking more low-risk services than high-risk ones, sometimes blocking the wrong services for the wrong reasons.