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Cloud computing will impact $1 trillion of IT spending decisions – Gartner

Growing Money - Chart In Rise

Analyst firm Gartner has predicted more than $1 trillion in IT spending will be directly or indirectly impacted by the transition to cloud computing by 2020.

Hybrid IT skillsets – Does your IT team have what it takes?

The seamstress the neck sews clothes in the Studio

IT runs the world and without it the well-behaved, functional technological ecosystem would come to a screeching halt. But does your IT team have what it takes to ensure the worst case scenario is only a bad possibility?

Mind the (skills) gap

The increased uptake of cloud services is helping all kinds of organisations improve operations, but it’s also beckoning huge changes within IT departments

Over the past year numerous international and UK-focused studies have underscored what most enterprises have, sometimes painfully, come to realise: Increased adoption of cloud computing and big data services and technology is driving transformation in businesses—not just in how the IT department functions, but in how these relatively new technologies and services are procured and consumed across entire organisations. And with the right IT skills in high demand and job specs in constant flux, businesses are struggling to manage this transition to a new model of IT.

How cloud is creating demand for new IT skills

Mark Skilton, professor of information systems and management group, Warwick Business School

In advance of the 4th Annual Cloud World Forum in London in June Business Cloud News caught up with one of the conference speakers, Mark Skilton, professor of information systems and management group, Warwick Business School, who shared his views on how increased uptake of cloud computing is creating a skills gap in enterprise IT, and changing the mix of skills students and enterprises are looking for in the next generation of IT pros.

Almost 80% of CIOs hindered by legacy infrastructure

CIOs and IT leaders claim they are struggling to align technical and business objectives due to dependence on legacy infrastructure, lack of budget and skilled personnel

The majority of UK IT departments are struggling to keep up with the needs of their businesses, with dependence on ageing legacy infrastructure, slimming budgets and lack of skilled personnel playing leading roles in holding them back, according to a survey of over 250 CIOs and IT heads published Tuesday.

CompTIA to certify IT pros in cloud, virtualisation

CompTIA has developed a vendor-neutral certification programme for IT professionals working with cloud services and technologies

Cloud and virtualisation skills are in high demand and relatively short supply but CompTIA, an industry trade association is launching a certification programme this week which aims to help IT professionals validate their cloud skills.