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Cloud-Based Collaboration: How organisations are fundamentally changing the way they collaborate


The need to collaborate with co-workers, external partners and clients has always been paramount for organisations, but as the results of the 2015 BCN Annual Industry Survey – which includes responses from over 715 senior IT professionals – make clear, the needs of workers and their employers are changing swiftly.

SMB IT withholding cloud collaboration tools signals missed opportunity

Sharp's "Generation Cloud" study highlights the growing divide between employee preferences and what their IT departments will provide for online collaboration

Are SMBs failing a new generation of mobile workers? A new study surveying over 1,500 SMB office workers across Europe suggests that while enterprise employees are driving the shift towards the mobile workplace, the cloud-based tools that could potentially enhance mobile productivity are still actively banned by IT departments. Peter Plested, director of European solutions at Sharp Europe says the results suggest vendors haven’t been able to effectively allay businesses’ (reasonable) concerns over the cost, security and complexity of these solutions.