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81% of CIOs believe legacy systems are having negative impact on business

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Research from Trustmarque has highlighted 81% of CIOs believe legacy infrastructures are having a negative impact on the IT department’s productivity levels.

24% of businesses expect a cyberattack within the next 90 days

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Research from VMWare has highlighted 24% of office workers and IT decision makers believe their organization will be the victim of a cyberattack with the next 90 days, mainly due to the belief that the threats are advancing at a faster pace than a company’s defences.

93% of enterprise now using cloud services – survey

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The vast majority of IT professionals are now using at least one cloud-based service, according to a survey recently published by IT portal Spiceworks.

Cisco launches Cloud Consumption as a Service to help CIOs retain control

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Cisco has announced a new service to help CIOs regain control of the company computing resources as shadow IT threatens to run rampant.

Cisco, Elastica join forces on cloud security monitoring

Cisco will resell Elastica's cloud service monitoring technology

Networking giant Cisco is teaming up with Elastica, a cloud security startup, in a move that will see the two firms combine their threat intelligence and cloud service monitoring technologies.

Cloud and Shadow IT security firm Elastica raises $30m

Elastica is scored $30m to expand sales and marketing efforts behind its cloud security services

Cloud security provider Elastica has secured $30m in series B funding, a year after the firm exited stealth mode and announced its first investment round.

MobileIron intros content security cloud to combat ‘Shadow IT’

MobileIron is looking to secure content at the document level

Enterprise mobility management incumbent MobileIron has introduced a cloud-based content security service it said will help CIOs tackle the ‘Shadow IT’ trend impacting their organisations.

Enterprises need consolidated approach to cloud, research suggests

Enterprises need to form a consolidated strategy on cloud computing as their struggles extend beyond technology

Research published this week by outsourcing and system integration specialist Infosys suggests four in five large enterprises plan to move mission-critical applications and workloads into the cloud over the next two years. Vishnu Bhat, the company’s senior vice president & global head, cloud & infrastructure services told BCN enterprises need to develop a consolidated approach to cloud service procurement and management if they are to overcome key inhibitors to adoption.

Cloud creating unmanaged sprawl in enterprises, study claims

A global survey commissioned by Avanade  suggests 61 per cent of businesses globally and 52 per cent in the UK believe cloud sprawl was causing inefficiencies in their businesses.
That figure rises to 71 per cent among global businesses that claim to be using both private and public cloud platforms

majority of IT managers claim that app sprawl is becoming problematic largely because employees are bringing in their own cloud services, according to research published Tuesday by IT and managed services provider Avanade.

Enterprises block cloud services for wrong reasons, study says

The study suggests enterprises aren't necessarily aware of the risks involved with using cloud services

Most companies block cloud services like Netflix and Skype in order to ensure the employees’ productivity levels don’t drop. But according to Rajiv Gupta, co-founder and chief executive of Skyhigh Networks, which commissioned a study looking at cloud service usage within enterprises, IT departments are blocking more low-risk services than high-risk ones, sometimes blocking the wrong services for the wrong reasons.