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Salesforce buys mobile authentication startup

MFA is becoming more prominent among enterprises

Salesforce is aligning itself with a number of enterprise IT vendors including Microsoft, PingIdentity and RSA, which have over the past few years moved to acquire multifactor authorisation vendors in order to bolster the security posture of their offerings.

Security as a Service market set to exceed $3bn by 2015

Gartner says the cloud-based security market will swell to $3.1bn in 2015, with growth largely driven by SMBs

The market for cloud-based security services like encryption, email security, web security and identity and access management is set to rise to $2.1bn by the end of this year according to Gartner. Kelly Kavanagh, principal research analyst at the research and analysis firm says SMBs adopting cloud services will be primarily responsible for the lion’s share of future growth in the cloud-based security market.

RSA president bounces back to EMC for new cloud role

RSA President Tom Heiser

RSA President Tom Heiser is leaving the company to take up a new cloud-focused role at the company’s parent EMC, according to an internal memo sent to RSA employees earlier this week.