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Pivotal buys Quickstep Technologies in big data play

Pivotal is acquiring Quickstep Technologies to boost SQL performance

Pivotal has acquired Quickstep Technologies, a query execution technology developer, for an undisclosed sum. The company said the move could vastly improve the performance of its big data solutions.

Oracle 12c goes GA but is it enough to stem the rise of competitors?

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said the 12c will serve as the "foundation of a modern cloud" when it was announced last year.

Oracle’s first multitenant relational database, Oracle 12c (the ‘c’ is for cloud), was punted into general availability this week. But with the future of the company being bet on its ability to bring its core database solutions into the cloud and big data era, some are beginning to doubt whether Oracle can maintain its leadership in the segment.

Salesforce folds Cloudconnect into Heroku

Salesforce will fold Cloudconnect into Heroku, one of the company's PaaSes

Fresh off the launch of its mobile-focused CRM platform as a service suite, Salesforce quietly has acquired cloud database integration specialist Cloudconnect. While the deal is light on details, it is clear the company’s technology will be folded into Salesforce revamped Heroku platform.