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Rackspace to offer support for, resell Microsoft Azure

Rackspace is set to offer support for Azure customers and resell Microsoft's public and private cloud technology

In another move aimed at shifting its business towards managed (cloud) services Rackspace this week announced it will extend its ‘fanatical support’ services to Microsoft Azure public and private cloud infrastructure.

CERN, Rackspace to harden federated cloud reference architecture

CERN and Rackspace want to create standard templates for an OpenStack cloud of clouds

Rackspace and CERN openlab announced plans to redouble their efforts to create a reference architecture for a federated cloud service model.

Google, OpenStack target containers as Project Magnum gets first glimpse

Otto, Collier and

Google and OpenStack are working together to use Linux containers as a vehicle for integrating their respective cloud services and bolstering OpenStack’s appeal to hybrid cloud users.

Rackspace taps former VeriSign, Red Hat exec to lead strategy, product engineering

Scott Crenshaw

Rackspace has appointed Scott Crenshaw to the role of senior vice president of strategy and product. Crenshaw, who formerly hails from VeriSign, will oversee the company’s corporate strategy, business development and product and engineering portfolio.

Toy retailer The Entertainer taps Rackspace for managed private cloud

The Entertainer has moved onto Rackspace's managed private cloud platform

UK toy e-retailer The Entertainer has moved onto Rackspace’s managed private cloud platform in a bid to improve how the company’s site and databases handle traffic spikes.

Tinder taps Rackspace’s managed MongoDB service

Tinder is using ObjectRocket to manage the unstructured data on its backend

Mobile dating app provider Tinder has selected Rackspace’s managed MongoDB and Redis service in a bid to simplify management and improve data automation and sharding capabilities on the app’s back-end.

Rackspace appoints Dell veteran to board

Rackspace has appointed John Harper to its board of directors, and announced solid growth for Q4 2014

Rackspace has appointed John Harper to the company’s board of directors this week. The appointment of Harper, who most recently served as chief financial officer at Dell Services, comes as Rackspace announced Q4 2014 revenues of $472m, up 16 per cent from the same quarter the previous year.

Rackspace adds Microsoft SQL Server 2014 to managed cloud, DBaaS

Rackspace is adding SQL Server 2014 to its managed cloud and DBaaS lineup

Rackspace announced it will now support Microsoft’s latest SQL Server iteration, which brings in-memory online transaction processing (OLTP) to the company’s managed cloud service and database as a service proftolios.

Rackspace, VMware partner on managed private cloud

Rackspace is to start offering dedicated single tenant VMware vCloud managed private instances

Longitme VMware partner Rackspace is adding dedicated single tenant VMware instances to its managed private cloud portfolio. The move will see Rackspace handle all of the nitty gritty – VM backups, OS patching, infrastructure management and the like – for customers looking for dedicated vCloud instances.

Rackspace: Large enterprises are catching up on DevOps – sortof

DevOps is gaining traction with midsized organisations while larger ones, whilst increasingly aware of DevOps, are slower to make necessary organisational changes

While DevOps has largely been embraced by smaller and mid-sized companies recent research shows larger enterprises are catching up. But Chris Jackson, chief technical officer of DevOps Services at Rackspace said larger companies are still struggling to implement the organisational changes that help businesses embrace DevOps.