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Capgemini scores £6.3m ERP cloud contract from UK FCO

The FCO selected Capgemini to help upgrade its ERP system

Outsourcing and systems integrator Capgemini announced a two-year contract worth £6.3m Wednesday with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to support the upgrade of its ERP system. The FCO said the deal is one of the largest of its kind under the third G-Cloud procurement framework.

OFT report on ICT procurement deficiencies signals huge opportunity for G-Cloud

The OFT said in a recently published report that the government is not making much headway in tackling ICT procurement practices which have engendered anti-competitive bahaviour across the public service

A report released by the UK Office of Fair Trade (OFT) inquiring into key barriers in the procurement of ICT in the public sector argues a combination of ingrained procurement habits and the continued domination of few large service providers continues to hamper competition in the public sector IT market. Peter Groucutt, managing director at Databarracks said that the results show government needs to invest more in new forms of digital service procurement like G-Cloud or risk losing industry buy-in.

Bournemouth Borough Council taps Oracle cloud for financials, procurement

Bournemouth Borough Council on Tuesday announced a multi-year ERP cloud migration project

Bournemouth Borough Council, which serves 186,700 people in the South of England announced Tuesday that the local authority is sending its financial and procurement management software to the cloud.

Cabinet Office needs to step up, former head of G-Cloud says

McDonagh said the Cabinet Office needs to improve how it educates the public sector about G-Cloud

Home Office chief technology officer and former G-Cloud head Denise McDonagh told a group of local and national government authorities this morning that the UK Cabinet Office needs to increase visibility of the G-Cloud framework across the public sector.

As G-Cloud turns 2, balance between SIs and SMEs emerges

56 per cent of sales by value, and 61 percent by volume through the CloudStore have gone to SMEs

The UK government’s innovative model for procuring digital services, G-Cloud, turns two years old today. Chief executive officer of cloud services provider Skyscape told Business Cloud News that although there’s still progress to be made, a balance between SMEs and the big SIs that have traditionally claimed the lion’s share of public sector IT spending is finally beginning to emerge.

EU privacy head on EU data protection reform, its implications, and NSA/GCHQ-gate

Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor

As the European Union and the Commission drive efforts to conclude the most ambitious overhaul of the continent’s data protection legislation since 1995 in advance of European Parliament elections this spring, Business Cloud News sat down with European Data Protection Supervisor Peter Hustinx to discuss the law’s development, its implications for cloud service providers once in place, and the revelations surrounding the NSA and GCHQ’s widespread digital surveillance activities.

Three years after US ‘Cloud First’ mandate, federal agencies struggle with implementation

Three years after former US government CIO Vivek Kundra unveiled 'Cloud First', most cloud projects continue to struggle

Three years after the US government implemented a ‘Cloud First’ mandate that would require federal agencies to consider cloud-based IT services for certain systems, the federal public service continues to struggle with cloud implementations according to recently published research from Accenture. Annette Rippert, managing director of technology solutions and Accenture’s lead on federal cloud work said a lack of critical skills is the leading factor at play here.

Met Police to make cloud, mobile and analytics the core of “unprecedented” £200m IT upgrade

The MPS said its revamped ICT strategy will dramatically improve policing and save an estimated £60m a year

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) announced that it plans to commit up to £200m over the next three to four years in an effort to modernise its ICT infrastructure. The MPS said the “unprecedented transformation in its use of technology” will help make policing more effective and save the organisation up to 30 per cent in IT costs.

G-Cloud spend approaches £100m as programme gets overhaul

G-Cloud sales topped £92.7m last month, a £14.8m improvement over the previous month

Public sector spending on cloud services through the government’s Cloud Store hit £92.7m as of the end of January according to G-Cloud sales data, and is on track to break through the £100m barrier next month.

SMBs call for change to G-Cloud before fifth framework launch

A group of private and public sector organisations outlined their views on reforming the next iterartion (fifth) of G-Cloud in an open letter to the programme's head Tony Singleton

In an open letter sent earlier this month to Government Digital Services chief operating officer and head of the G-Cloud programme Tony Singleton, the companies indicated a strong need to provide more clarity on the protective marking scheme (GPMS) changes and pan governmental accreditation of cloud services; review the mandatory length of contract terms and safe contracting procedures (due diligence) for buying through the Cloud Store; reduce “cloud washing” (calling things cloud services when they don’t fit with the NIST definition); improve the transparency of the overall service; and provide a framework (contractual, procedural) for jointly offering services to the public sector through the Cloud Store.