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E-procurement platform could save UK government £10 billion – report

Duncan: 'Australian public sector is warming to cloud but technology gaps remain our biggest challenge.'

Central government could save up to £10 billion per annum through a reformed e-procurement platform, placing a greater emphasis on administrative efficiencies and market competition, according to a new report.

How data classification and security issues are affecting international standards in public sector cloud

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Cloud technology is rapidly becoming the new normal, replacing traditional IT solutions. The revenues of top cloud service providers are doubling each year, at the start of a predicted period of sustained growth in cloud services.

Cloud computing in the public sector

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BCN has partnered with the Cloud Asia Forum event to speak to some of its speakers. In this interview we speak to Ben Dornier, Director of Corporate & Community Services, City of Palmerston.

Echoing 2011 strategy, UK government to switch from Microsoft to open source

UK government wants to shift away from proprietary to open source technologies to save money and break up the IT vendor oligopoly selling into government

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude told a packed out conference in London Wednesday that the UK government intends to shift away from using proprietary Microsoft productivity applications and adopt more open source technologies, potentially saving the public sector millions of pounds annually and breaking the vendor oligopoly dominating IT. But with Maude’s comments echoing the government’s 2011 ICT strategy, which among other things sought to “create a level playing field for open source software” within the public sector, the news has drawn both encouragement and doubt.

UK’s G-Cloud 4 launches with 300 more suppliers than last iteration

G-Cloud sales topped $53.5 million last month, a steady improvement, up from £44.7 million in September

The latest iteration of the UK government’s procurement framework for cloud services, G-Cloud 4, is scheduled to go live this week with just under 1,000 suppliers listed in the CloudStore, many of which are SMEs, and over 13,000 services. Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said the latest figures demonstrate the effectiveness of G-Cloud in shifting the balance between small businesses and the large SIs.

IBM concedes to Amazon in $600m CIA cloud contract

IBM said it won't stall the CIA cloud contract any longer

In what appears to be the end of a longstanding battle to build a large private cloud for the US intelligence community, IBM has stepped back from continuing its protest of AWS for being awarded the $600m contract, according to media reports.

IBM cosies up to US federal government with new DC innovation centre

IBM wants to collaborate with the public sector on cloud innovations based on their needs

IBM opened up the Federal Cloud Innovation Center in Washington DC this week. The technology giant wants to make its research and consulting services available to federal agencies and public sector organisations as they look to migrate to or build out cloud services.

AWS wins key ruling in dispute over $600m CIA cloud contract

The US Court of Federal Claims ruled in favour of Amazon Web Services Monday in a dispute with IBM over a $600 m spy cloud contract

The US Court of Federal Claims ruled in favour of Amazon Web Services Monday in a dispute pitting the public cloud giant against IBM in a battle to build a $600m cloud for the US intelligence community.

Digitising the courtroom

Mark Kirpalani, managing director, Capital Capture

Mark Kirpalani, managing director, Capital Capture explores the impact of connected technologies in reducing the movement of cumbersome paper documents in and around the legal and justice system