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BSA releases rankings of global cloud policies – UK drops and US rises on leader board

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The BSA | The Software Alliance has released its global ranking of cloud computing policies, assessing the cloud readiness and policies of the world’s 24 leading ICT economies, with the UK dropping down the leader board.

Legal reaction to Microsoft’s lawsuit against the US government

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In light of a potentially industry changing event, we took some time to speak to legal experts at Herbert Smith Freehills LLP to understand the impact of the lawsuit on cloud computing as an industry and a technology.

Microsoft: Riley v. California ruling will advance cloud privacy

Microsoft: 'The Riley v. California ruling is a historic victory for privacy defenders'

A recent landmark US Supreme Court ruling on the legality of searching a mobile phone without a warrant is a ‘historical moment’ for defenders of privacy rights according to Microsoft general counsel & executive vice president, legal & corporate affairs Brad Smith.

Deutsche Telekom reveals government snooping requests

Telekom is shifting pressure to the authorities

In the wake of a far reaching report by Vodafone Group revealing the level of government snooping demanded in 29 countries the company holds an operating licence in, German carrier Deutsche Telekom has published figures on wiretapping in its domestic market.

Internet of Things brings significant security risks

The Internet of Things will force businesses to implement better security controls, ForgeRock CEO Mike Ellis said

At the end of last week Juniper Research predicted that the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in homes will reach ten million by 2017 as consumers flock to these technologies to improve every moment of their lives. But Mike Ellis, chief executive officer of ForgeRock, and identity management service provider, says the stampede towards the Internet of Everything has serious security implications.

Google ‘outraged’ over NSA datacentre hack

A leaked NSA slide detailing the "Google Cloud Exploitation"

According to National Security Agency documents recently leaked by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, the US intelligence agency has hacked the main communications links between the public internet and Google and Yahoo’s datacentres globally. Google is ‘outraged’ by the reports, saying it underscores the need for urgent reform.