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Databarracks: 2015 a ‘make or break’ year for G-Cloud

The UK government is ahead of the curve in pushing cloud-first in the public sector. But will that remain the case?

G-Cloud sales are likely to peak above £350m before the year is out, but 2015, which will see the launch of the sixth iteration of the UK government’s cloud services procurement framework, will be a ‘make or break’ year for the ambitious government programme according to Databarracks managing director Peter Groucutt.

CSOs to benefit from EU data protection reform but cloud vendors may struggle to capitalise

CSOs are likely to benefit from the EU data protection policy overhaul

The EU will soon impose data protection legislation reforms in a bid to ensure more robust privacy guarantees and unify the data protection law across European member states. Peter Groucutt, managing director at cloud-based backup service provider Databarracks said the move will likely mean enterprises will be more willing to double down on IT security. But are cloud vendors in a position to capitalise on a potential boom in IT security spending?

Lack of clarity and guidance hindering G-Cloud adoption, supplier claims

Groucutt: 'Local government lacks the resource to keep up with constant changes to G-Cloud'

The lack of guidance and clarity surrounding the new G-Cloud Security Approach and the recently changed Government Security Classifications will likely further hinder adoption of cloud services in the UK public sector, according to Databarracks, a G-Cloud supplier.

OFT report on ICT procurement deficiencies signals huge opportunity for G-Cloud

The OFT said in a recently published report that the government is not making much headway in tackling ICT procurement practices which have engendered anti-competitive bahaviour across the public service

A report released by the UK Office of Fair Trade (OFT) inquiring into key barriers in the procurement of ICT in the public sector argues a combination of ingrained procurement habits and the continued domination of few large service providers continues to hamper competition in the public sector IT market. Peter Groucutt, managing director at Databarracks said that the results show government needs to invest more in new forms of digital service procurement like G-Cloud or risk losing industry buy-in.

Over half of UK IT pros aren’t convinced cloud requires new training

Cloud skills are in high demand but IT pros don't see the need to retrain

With enterprise adoption of cloud services steadily gaining momentum in the UK, many including the British government have called on the IT sector and educational institutions to retrain and prepare the next generation of IT personnel for the unique challenges these technology platforms present. But recently released research suggests that while IT professionals rate their cloud-specific skills fairly poorly, most have not and do not see a need to acquire any new cloud skills.

Cloud SLAs too vague on security; need more transparency

Gartner says cloud service providers need to be more explicit with what they can and can't provide

At least four in five customers of cloud services are finding security provisions in their contracts inadequate, leading to higher levels of dissatisfaction among enterprise customers of these services, according to Gartner.