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MapR gets converged data platform patented


California-based open source big data specialist MapR Technologies has been granted patent protection for its technique for converging open source, enterprise storage, NoSQL and other event streams.

Google ordered to pay SimpleAir $85m for infringing mobile, cloud patents

Google has been ordered to pay SimpleAir $85m for infringing its mobile and cloud patents

Following a verdict handed down at the end of January this year, Google has been ordered to pay software licensing company SimpleAir $85m in damages related to its infringement of the company’s patents related to sending notifications from cloud services to mobile devices. John Payne, the lead inventor and majority owner of SimpleAir told Business Cloud News that the company is pleased with the result of the case and hopes this resolves the conflict once and for all.

Google patent may reveal original intent of Project Loon

Google's latest patent suggest the internet giant could charge a premium for internet delivered via helium-filled balloons

A recently awarded patent for dynamically addressing bandwidth demand using internet access points attached to helium-filled balloons, may shed new light on how Google either intends to deploy (and monetise) innovations developed from Project Loon. As one might suspect, its use cases extend beyond humanitarian applications.

HTC buys cloud firm Dashwire

Taiwanese handset developer HTC has made another acquisition to beef up its patent portfolio as technology companies around the globe prepare to fend off legal disputes. HTC is reported to have spent $18.5m on the purchase of Dashwire, a mobile cloud platform developer.