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Java PaaS CloudBees gets $11m in series C boost

CloudBees raised $11.2m in series c funding, the company announced Wednesday

Beligum-based Java platform as a service provider CloudBees announced Wednesday that the company secured $11.2m in series C funding following a round led by Verizon Ventures, the investment arm of US telco Verizon. CloudBees chief executive officer Sacha Labourey told Business Cloud News that the funds will be used to extend its feature set as it looks to differentiate itself within the burgeoning PaaS ecosystem.

CenturyLink turns on high performance cloud service as big data advances in enterprises

Jared Wray, chief technology officer of cloud at CenturyLink, and founder of Tier 3 and Iron Foundry

CenturyLink announced the commercial availability of hyperscale high-performance server instances this week, the latest cloud service provider to move down the high performance compute route. As the Tier 3 acquisition continues to bear fruit – its technology is increasingly found at the core of CenturyLink’s cloud platform, CenturyLink Technology Solutions chief technology officer and Tier 3 / Iron Foundry founder Jared Wray told Business Cloud News that the growth of highly distributed, developer-friendly high performance computing is the result of shifts in the enterprise IT landscape.

IBM pours $1bn into PaaS, expands SoftLayer-based services

IBM unveiled the latest update to the server architecture at the foundation of its SystemX and PureSystems offerings

Continuing its hardware divestment efforts, IBM announced Wednesday that the company is investing another $1bn in its platform as a service efforts and bringing a majority of its middleware and systems management software onto SoftLayer’s infrastructure.

Pivotal spins off Cloud Foundry, gains SAP and Rackspace support

Cloud Foundry is being spun off from its steward, Pivotal, and an open source Cloud Foundry Foundation is being created with support from existing sponsors as well as new ones like SAP and Rackspace

Enterprise platform as a service provider Cloud Foundry has been spun off from Pivotal, the company said Monday. Rather than being overseen by one company the open source PaaS will be developed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation, which also recently added SAP and Rackspace to its impressive cross-section of industry supporters. But will participating vendors and cloud service providers be able to avoid some of the pitfalls inherent to other open source cloud projects and create differentiated Cloud Foundry-based offerings?

Red Hat updates cloud pitch, focuses on PaaS and hybrid cloud

Red Hat has reorganised to keep Open Stack, hybrid cloud and PaaS at the heart of its strategy for the forseeable future

The maker of the popular enterprise Linux distro Red Hat announced an update to its infrastructure as a service platform Wednesday aimed at cultivating what it’s calling an “open hybrid” cloud, including updates to its virtualisation platform and Open Stack distribution available at the end of last year. Bryan Che, general manager for the cloud business unit at Red Hat told Business Cloud News that the company is positioned for a hybrid cloud and paas-centric world – but Open Stack is still in its early days.

Salesforce switches focus from SaaS to mobile PaaS

Salesforce says its new, consolidated PaaS will help enterprises access Salesforce data in more flexible ways

Salesforce took the wraps off its Salesforce1 offering Monday, marking the company’s bid to be more flexible for a variety of mobile platforms and ISVs. The company said its platform as a service will enable independent software vendors, mobile developers and admins to tap into a wide range of APIs and link up their apps with data stored in a growing number of services offered by Salesforce.

Pivotal releases enterprise distribution of Cloud Foundry

Pivotal says multi-cloud support and data services integration will help the company win broad enterprise buy-in

Following announcements made toward the end of spring, Pivotal, a subsidiary of storage giant EMC announced today that it will be rolling out enterprise-focused distributions of its cloud Foundry platform as a service this week. The company says its multi-cloud and data service-centric approach will be the key to winning broad enterprise support.

Tearing down the walls of vendor lock-in

Gary Calcott, technical marketing manager, Progress Software

Imagine the feeling, you’re sitting in a tiny grey prison cell, by no fault of your own. You have been wrongfully convicted and locked inside four walls. Your only way out is paying a lot of money. While you are locked away, you can see the outside world, observe how it evolves, hear rumours of new gadgets and exciting innovations. You have hundreds of ideas and long to participate but your sparks of creativity fizzle out at the walls of your cell. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Well, that is exactly how cloud developers feel about lock-in.

Global IT market tightening its belt, says IDC

Worldwide IT Spend 2013_IDC

The research and analyst firm originally forecast growth to be in the area of 4.9 per cent, but revised its figures down to account for the perceived impact of the economic downturn in China and sluggish recovery in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, core IT spending is looking to rise above the $2 trillion mark for the first time.

Red Hat’s OpenShift platform as a service goes live

Red Hat announced the commercial release of OpenShift online Tuesday

Open source software developer Red Hat on Tuesday announced the commercial availability of OpenShift Online, the company’s public platform as a service (PaaS) offering.