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HP unifies OpenStack and Cloud Foundry offerings, pours $1bn in open source cloud

HP unified its OpenStack and Cloud Foundry-based offerings and announced $1bn investment over two years in open source cloud efforts

Hewlett-Packard said today that it will unify its OpenStack and Cloud Foundry-based products and services under the HP Helion brand. It also said it plans to invest more than $1bn over the next two years on cloud-related product and engineering initiatives based on the open source cloud platform.

Ericsson, NTT and Verizon among eight new Cloud Foundry members

Cloud Foundry added eight members to the fledging group including IT heavyweights Accenture and Capgemini, BNY Mellon, Ericsson, GE, Intel, NTT and Verizon. The news further cements its position as a leading open source PaaS project

The Cloud Foundry Foundation announced the addition of eight new members this week. Ericsson, NTT and Verizon are among those looking to contribute to and benefit from the open source platform as a service initiative, which is telling of how seriously telcos are looking at digging deeper into the cloud stack.

IBM consolidates cloud services in marketplace, bolsters PaaS play

IBM has launched a marketplace for its cloud services and other third-party services that can be integrated into apps built with BlueMix, the company's Cloud Foundry-based platform

Enterprise IT giant IBM finally took the wraps off its cloud services marketplace Monday, an app store where it has consolidated most of its cloud-based offerings as well as those offered by third party software vendors. IBM also added support for integration of a range of third party offerings in BlueMix, the company’s bid to create one PaaS to rule them all, another step in its broader shift towards embracing self-service.

Red Hat launches OpenShift Marketplace to attract independent ISVs

OpenShift Marketplace is intended to give enterprises quicker access to partner services and attract more ISVs and users  to the platform

Red Hat announced the launch of OpenShift Marketplace this week, in a bid to broaden the appeal of its open source platform as a service project and attract independent software vendors to the service.

Cloud marketplace AppDirect raises $35m

AppDirect announced Friday that the company has raised $35m

Cloud services and management company AppDirect announced Friday that the company has raised $35m in a round of funding led by Mithril Capital Management. The company said it plans to double down on growing its cloud brokerage service and assess new partnership opportunities.

ElasticBox scores $9m for multi-cloud app deployment offering

ElasticBox announced Wednesday that the company secured $9m in new funding

Multi-cloud app deployment and management firm ElasticBox announced Wednesday that the company has secured $9m in a series A round of funding, which it said will be put towards development and expanding sales of its flagship application deployment platform.

Red Hat results show OpenStack, OpenShift interest high, commercialisation low

Red Hat reported a better-than-expect Q4 2013 last week, and is looking to target OpenStack and OpenShift commercialisation strongly this year

With $400m in quarterly revenue and 15 per cent year on year growth Red Hat reported a better-than-expected fourth quarter at the end of last week. Red Hat president and chief executive officer said that despite a solid quarter and a high level of interest in its emerging technology investments, OpenStack and OpenShift, commercialisation is still low.

AWS, Salesforce, IBM leading cloud, research firm says

research published Wednesday by Synergy sheds light on the leaders and laggards in cloud in terms of market share as of Q4 2013, with Amazon, Salesforce and IBM coming out on top

On the heels of Google’s aggressive cloud services price cuts, research published Wednesday by Synergy sheds light on the leaders and laggards in cloud in the fourth quarter 2013, with Amazon, Salesforce and IBM coming out on top in the SaaS, IaaS and PaaS segments.

Eclipse working on IDE that transitions between cloud, servers and desktops seamlessly

GoDaddy is the latest service provider to join the OpenStack Foundation

Ottawa-based open source foundation Eclipse is coordinating a project focused on designing and implementing a new architecture and infrastructure for integrating development tools across desktop, browser, and servers. Project Flux is said to enable developers to move between desktop and cloud-based integrated development environments seamlessly, which could give PaaSes an essential attribute moving forward as devops continue to straddle multiple platforms.

Verizon appoints Siki Giunta as global cloud head

Siki Giunta, head of global cloud business, Verizon Communications

US telco Verizon announced Friday that the company has appointed former CSC cloud head Siki Giunta to lead Verizon’s global cloud business. The appointment arrives just months after the company completely re-architected its cloud platform, and eyes consolidating multiple PaaSs on its platform.