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IBM bolsters Bluemix with added services, Cloud Foundry Dojos

IBM is bolstering its Bluemix and Cloud Foundry initiatives

IBM has signed up a number of partners for its Bluemix platform that will see the company bolster the platform-as-a-service with and its Cloud Foundry efforts by establishing developer meeting spaces.

Mirantis, Pivotal team up on OpenStack, Cloud Foundry integration

Mirantis and Pivotal are working to integrate their commercial deployments of OpenStack and Cloud Foundry, respectively

Pivotal and Mirantis announced this week that the two companies are teaming up to accelerate integration of Cloud Foundry and OpenStack.

Accenture, Oracle form business unit to accelerate cloud uptake

Accenture and Oracle are forming a business unit to accelerate cloud  uptake

Oracle and Accenture are teaming up to create a joint business unit that will help mutual customers move more quickly onto (mostly Oracle) cloud platforms.

LeShop taps OpenShift for hybrid cloud app development and management

LeShop has deployed OpenShift to support the company's hybrid cloud strategy, one of Switzerland’s largest online supermarkets has selected Red Hat’s commercial OpenShift distribution in a bid to improve how it develops and deploys applications in the cloud.

Heroku brings Performance Dynos to Europe

Heroku is bringing its high performance container service to Europe

Heroku, the cloud-based platform as a service acquired by Salesforce in 2010, announced that it is bringing its higher performance cloud containers to Europe.

Kony appoints former SAP cloud, mobile head to lead ME, APAC

Steven Medeiros

Mobile development and management services provider Kony has appointed Steven Medeiros as vice president and general manager of Asia Pacific and Middle East. Medeiros, who formerly led SAP’s cloud and mobile solutions division for APAC, will focus on building out offices and channels for Kony in the region.

Google bolsters cloud platform with networking, containers, and price cuts

Google wants to make its cloud platform more competitive

Google has announced a number of updates to the company’s cloud platform that include steep price cuts on most of its services, network peering and interconnection services, and a container deployment and scheduling engine based on Kubernetes.

Ericsson buys majority stake in PaaS startup Apcera


Ericsson announced an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Apcera, a US-based startup that provides a multi-workload deployment and management platform as a service (PaaS).

Enterprise cloud computing enabling DevOps environment

Red Hat OpenShift

DevOps is increasingly seen as a key component for efficiency and reducing time-to-market. Development environments, like the development methodologies themselves, are becoming more agile. Service level agreements, high availability and response time are being applied to the development environment to improve time to market. This is where open hybrid cloud can serve as a platform of choice for developers to drive the “new production” process.

BlueMix goes live but will it boost IBM’s cloud strategy?


IBM’s platform as a service offering BlueMix, originally announced in February this year, has gone live in the company’s cloud services marketplace this week. Gary Barnett, principal software analyst at research and consultancy firm Ovum told Business Cloud News that the offering has the potential to transform the company’s software business. But its success will ultimately depend on IBM’s ability to integrate third party services, and break into new customer demographics it hasn’t always seemed comfortable catering to.