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CenturyLink launches automation offering for hybrid and multi-cloud

multi cloud

CenturyLink has launched Runner, it’s new configuration management and orchestration service designed for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Amazon buys ClusterK to reduce AWS deployment costs

Amazon has acquired ClusterK, which offers software that optimses deployments on AWS spot instances

Amazon has acquired ClusterK, a provider of software that optimises deployment on AWS spot instances for cost and availability.

Rackspace, VMware partner on managed private cloud

Rackspace is to start offering dedicated single tenant VMware vCloud managed private instances

Longitme VMware partner Rackspace is adding dedicated single tenant VMware instances to its managed private cloud portfolio. The move will see Rackspace handle all of the nitty gritty – VM backups, OS patching, infrastructure management and the like – for customers looking for dedicated vCloud instances.

Juniper Networks to help Nike just do it (cloud)

Nike is looking to SDN as a necessary stepping stone to virtualising its datacentres

Juniper and Nike announced a multi-year partnership that will see the two companies work together to re-develop Nike’s datacentre infrastructure as the sports fashion retailer looks virtualise more of its IT landscape.

Flexiant buys Tapp multi-cloud management tool from Besol

Flexiant acquired the cloud orchestration and management software business from Besol in a bid to expand into new markets

Cloud management software provider Flexiant said Wednesday that the company has purchased the Tapp multi-cloud management business from Besol, a Spanish cloud software developer, for an undisclosed sum. The move will see Flexiant consolidate its cloud management tenchologies and focus on the telco and managed service provider markets.