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Red Hat says OpenStack, OpenShift deals trebled year-on-year

Red Hat enjoyed a solid fiscal year, with OpenStack and OpenShift

Red Hat revealed its fourth quarter 2015 financial this week, reporting revenue of $464m, up 16 per cent year-on-year. The firm also said deals involving OpenStack and OpenShift-based offerings tripled when compared to the fourth quarter 2014.

LeShop taps OpenShift for hybrid cloud app development and management

LeShop has deployed OpenShift to support the company's hybrid cloud strategy, one of Switzerland’s largest online supermarkets has selected Red Hat’s commercial OpenShift distribution in a bid to improve how it develops and deploys applications in the cloud.

Red Hat, Wipro partner to target DevOps, OpenStack users

Red Hat and Wipro are jointly targeting DevOps and OpenStack customers

Red Hat and global outsourcing and consulting firm Wipro have announced a partnership that will see the two companies jointly target customers with DevOps and OpenStack-based services.

Red Hat doubles down on cloud for government

Red Hat is targeting the US federal government with its cloud consultancy

Linux incumbent Red Hat has launched a consulting practice in the US aimed at helping government agencies at all levels to manage and run cloud services. The company said it wants to help alleviate some of the major pain points government bodies experience when moving to the cloud.

Enterprise cloud computing enabling DevOps environment

Red Hat OpenShift

DevOps is increasingly seen as a key component for efficiency and reducing time-to-market. Development environments, like the development methodologies themselves, are becoming more agile. Service level agreements, high availability and response time are being applied to the development environment to improve time to market. This is where open hybrid cloud can serve as a platform of choice for developers to drive the “new production” process.

Red Hat launches OpenShift Marketplace to attract independent ISVs

OpenShift Marketplace is intended to give enterprises quicker access to partner services and attract more ISVs and users  to the platform

Red Hat announced the launch of OpenShift Marketplace this week, in a bid to broaden the appeal of its open source platform as a service project and attract independent software vendors to the service.

Red Hat results show OpenStack, OpenShift interest high, commercialisation low

Red Hat reported a better-than-expect Q4 2013 last week, and is looking to target OpenStack and OpenShift commercialisation strongly this year

With $400m in quarterly revenue and 15 per cent year on year growth Red Hat reported a better-than-expected fourth quarter at the end of last week. Red Hat president and chief executive officer said that despite a solid quarter and a high level of interest in its emerging technology investments, OpenStack and OpenShift, commercialisation is still low.

PaaS wars heat up as OpenShift announces .NET support

This is how Red Hat implemented support for .NET and SQL Server in OpenShift

In what might be considered an unexpected but smart move, Red Hat announced Thursday that its open source platform as a service project OpenShift can now support .NET and SQL server capabilities.

Pivotal spins off Cloud Foundry, gains SAP and Rackspace support

Cloud Foundry is being spun off from its steward, Pivotal, and an open source Cloud Foundry Foundation is being created with support from existing sponsors as well as new ones like SAP and Rackspace

Enterprise platform as a service provider Cloud Foundry has been spun off from Pivotal, the company said Monday. Rather than being overseen by one company the open source PaaS will be developed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation, which also recently added SAP and Rackspace to its impressive cross-section of industry supporters. But will participating vendors and cloud service providers be able to avoid some of the pitfalls inherent to other open source cloud projects and create differentiated Cloud Foundry-based offerings?