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IBM, partners score 7 nm semiconductor breakthrough

IBM, Samsung and Globalfoundries claimed a 7nm semiconductor breakthrough

Giving Moore’s Law a run for its money, IBM, Globalfoundries and Samsung claimed this week to have produced the industry’s first 7 nanometre node test chip with functioning transistors. The breakthrough suggests a massive jump in low-power computing power may be just on the horizon.

IBM releases tool to advance cloud app development on OpenPower, OpenStack

IBM has announced a service to help other develop and test OpenPower-based apps

IBM announced the launch of SuperVessel, an open access cloud service developed by the company’s China-based research outfit and designed for developing and testing cloud services based on the OpenPower architecture.

OpenPower members reveal open source cloud tech mashups

OpenPower members have been busy creating open source server specs based on the Power8 architecture

OpenPower Foundation members pulled the curtain back on a number of open source cloud datacentre technologies including the first commercially available OpenPower-based server, and the first open server spec that combines OpenStack, Open Compute and OpenPower architectures.

Servergy, UoT partner to bridge open source hardware initiatives

Servergy is partnering with the University of Texas to create a lab that will bridge innovation between the Open Compute Project and the OpenPower Foundation, two open source cloud and big data-focused hardware projects

Servergy, a Texas-based IT innovation and design firm and IBM technology partner announced a partnership with the University of Texas Wednesday in a move that will see the two open a lab designed to marry innovations developed through IBM’s OpenPower Foundation and the Facebook-led Open Compute Project.