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Echoing 2011 strategy, UK government to switch from Microsoft to open source

UK government wants to shift away from proprietary to open source technologies to save money and break up the IT vendor oligopoly selling into government

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude told a packed out conference in London Wednesday that the UK government intends to shift away from using proprietary Microsoft productivity applications and adopt more open source technologies, potentially saving the public sector millions of pounds annually and breaking the vendor oligopoly dominating IT. But with Maude’s comments echoing the government’s 2011 ICT strategy, which among other things sought to “create a level playing field for open source software” within the public sector, the news has drawn both encouragement and doubt.

Netflix loses chief cloud architect to VC firm

Adrian Cockroft, a Netflix and eBay Research Labs veteran has joined Battery Ventures as an adviser to its portfolio investments

The former cloud guru that architected Netflix’s move from its own datacentres into the Amazon Web Services public cloud has reportedly left the company to join Battery Ventures as an adviser to the company and its portfolio investments.

Singapore government and Red Hat to develop open source tech for analytics

Witnesses and signing parties of the MOU collaboration between Red Hat and A*STAR’s Business Analytics Translational Centre

Singapore’s Business Analytics Translational Centre (BATC) announced a collaboration with Red Hat Wednesday that will see the two develop business analytics platforms based on Red Hat’s open source solutions.

Cloud requires a datacentre revolution open source can deliver, says Rackspace VP

Nigel Beighton, vice president of technology, Rackspace

Interoperability in the cloud is something most vendors talk about and all enterprises desire, but achieving the goal of large, scalable, interoperable clouds will require a revolution in the datacentre. This is not happening fast enough for Nigel Beighton, vice president of technology at Rackspace. But as the open source philosophy begins to take hold in the development not just of software but of physical datacentre assets, that revolution might not be too far off.

Citrix now offers XenServer as fully open source

Citrix on Tuesday released XenServer as freely available open source code

Virtualisation leader Citrix on Tuesday announced that it is now offering its popular server virtualisation platform, XenServer, as freely available open source code.

Open source SDN initiative sees daylight


Collaborative open source initiative, the OpenDaylight Project, has announced Cyan, Huawei, Inocybe Technologies, Plexxi and Radware as new members to help further the development of open source SDN.

Open source cloud tools show signs of maturity

Open source cloud computing software CloudStack, which is developed by all-volunteer association the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), has this week graduated from the Apache Incubator to become a top level project. The move signifies the maturity of CloudStack as an open source tool for creating, managing, and deploying infrastructure cloud services.