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Servergy, UoT partner to bridge open source hardware initiatives

Servergy is partnering with the University of Texas to create a lab that will bridge innovation between the Open Compute Project and the OpenPower Foundation, two open source cloud and big data-focused hardware projects

Servergy, a Texas-based IT innovation and design firm and IBM technology partner announced a partnership with the University of Texas Wednesday in a move that will see the two open a lab designed to marry innovations developed through IBM’s OpenPower Foundation and the Facebook-led Open Compute Project.

OpenStack announces Marketplace catalogue of open source tech

The OpenStack Marketplace aims to help simplify user adoption of cloud services, and help them make sense of the growing OpenStack ecosystem

The OpenStack Foundation announced the launch of Marketplace this week, an online catalogue of OpenStack-based products and services to help navigate the growing OpenStack ecosystem. Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation said the catalogue will help clear up much confusion users encounter along the path to adoption.

HP unifies OpenStack and Cloud Foundry offerings, pours $1bn in open source cloud

HP unified its OpenStack and Cloud Foundry-based offerings and announced $1bn investment over two years in open source cloud efforts

Hewlett-Packard said today that it will unify its OpenStack and Cloud Foundry-based products and services under the HP Helion brand. It also said it plans to invest more than $1bn over the next two years on cloud-related product and engineering initiatives based on the open source cloud platform.

IBM reveals open source servers and chip architecture for big data

IBM claims its Power8 technology can compute big data workloads up to 50 times faster than new x86 commodity servers

Following an announcement in August last year that IBM would invest millions in open sourcing its Power server chip architecture, the company said Thursday that it has released detailed technical specifications for its latest Power architecture, Power8, in addition to servers based on technology developed by its OpenPower Foundation.

Harvard, MIT Broad Institute deploys OpenStack for private cloud

The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, a biomedical research institution, is using OpenStack to stand up its private cloud platform

The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, a biomedical research institution focused on genomic medicine, announced at the end of last week that it has finished rolling out OpenStack to support its private cloud strategy. The project, currently in pilot stage, is a sign of the platform’s growing momentum.

Box announces open source initiatives to ramp up community engagement

Box is open sourcing a range of projects in a bid to "give back" to the communities that have contributed to its success

Enterprise cloud storage and collaboration firm Box announced this week that the company is open sourcing a range of internal initiatives to “give back” to the coding communities that have contributed to its success.

BAFTA taps Rackspace public cloud for its awards site

BAFTA is using the public cloud for its award website, which experiences massive traffic spikes around its annual awards ceremony

British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) announced today that the company has selected Rackspace’s public cloud platform to host its awards website among other online entities owned by the organisations.

Google, LinkedIn and Twitter join Facebook-led WebScaleSQL, a big database for big data

The Facebook-led WebScaleSQL project counts Twitter, LinkedIn and Google as members

Web-scale companies are among the few that can truly claim they have a “big data problem.” In a bid to improve on and indeed leverage some of the features included in MySQL for true big data applications, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook announced this week that the companies are collaborating on WebScaleSQL, a project focused on running and fine tuning MySQL at web-scale.

Weserve taps Flexiant for multi-cloud orchestration

Cloud and hosting company Weserve selected Flexiant for multi-cloud orchestration over similar open source tools

Dutch webhosting and cloud service provider Weserve B.V. announced Tuesday that the company has selected Flexiant to supply cloud orchestration software to manage multiple cloud and reseller platforms across both of its datacentres. Weserve said it was limited by its previous provider and evaluated Flexiant in addition to other open source cloud orchestration platforms, including CloudStack and OpenStack.

Rackspace lets employees contribute to open source project, even if they compete with Rackspace

Van Lindberg, vice president of intellectual property at Rackspace

Rackspace told employees this week that they are now free to contribute to any open source project in the ecosystem, even if it directly competes with initiatives officially backed by Rackspace. Rackspace vice president of intellectual property Van Lindberg said the move will help further embed the “open cloud” company in open source communities around the world and create a rising tide for the sector as a whole. But it’s not quite clear just how open the new policy is.