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Bulgarian gov writes open source into law

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The Bulgarian government has launched a number of amendments to the Electronic Governance Act which requires all code written for the government to be open source.

Wipro open sources big data offering

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Wipro has announced it has open sourced its big data solution Big Data Ready Enterprise (BDRE), partnering with California based Hortonworks to push the initiative forward.

Container Solutions brings production environment to the developers laptop

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London-based Container Solutions has released the latest version of its minimesos project, an open source testing and experiment tool for Apache Mesos, which it claims brings production orchestration testing to the development environment.

Atlassian launches Bitbucket Pipelines

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Atlassian has announced a number of new developments within its team collaboration software portfolio, including the launch of Bitbucket Pipelines platform.

Microsoft announces R Server availability inside Azure HDInsight


Microsoft has announced the availability of R Server inside Azure HDInsight, the company’s Hadoop-as-a-service aspect of Azure Data Lake.

AWS – we view open source as a companion

Global Container Trade

BCN talks to Deepak Singh, General Manager of Amazon EC2 Container Service, AWS

Walmart open-sources its OneOps cloud platform on Github

Walmart OneOps

Retail giant Walmart has released it OneOps cloud management and application life cycle software on GitHub in a bid to invite improvements from the developer community.

Containers aren’t new, but ecosystem growth has driven development

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Business Cloud News talks to Kyle Anderson, who is the lead developer for Yelp, to learn about the company’s use of containers, and whether containers will ultimately live up to all the hype.

Cloudera announces tighter security measures for Hadoop

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Cloudera has announced a new open source project that aims to use real-time analytical applications in Hadoop and an open source security layer for unified access control enforcement.

Oracle latest legacy firm to support Docker

Oracle is adding support for Docker to Solaris

Linux container technology.

While Solaris has had support for Linux containers in the form of ‘Solaris Zones’ (Oracle’s virtual machine technology) for nearly a decade, the move will see Oracle enable Docker to be deployed within those ‘Zones’ (VMs).

The company also said it plans to make some of its software – Oracle WebLogic Server was the only one specifically mentioned – available for deployment and testing as full Docker images on Solaris.