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Meeting the demands of an aging population through open data healthcare

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface as m

Speaking at Ovum’s Smart to Future City Forum, Ian Jones, Smart City Lead at the City of Leeds, highlighted the ambitions of the city is to create a citizen and data driven healthcare program for its aging population.

Taipei Computer Association, Government launch Big Data Alliance

TCA, government officials launching the Big Data Alliance in Taipei

The Taipei Computer Association and Taiwanese government-sponsored institutions have jointly launched the Big Data Alliance, aimed at driving the use of analytics and open data in academia, industry and the public sector.

Microsoft, AWS, IBM give climate change researchers free access to cloud resources

The Obama Administration wants to leverage cloud platforms for climate change research

The initiative will see the Obama Administration leverage the scale and reach of some of the world’s largest cloud service providers in the hopes of drawing broader community involvement with the research.

inBloom’s closure highlights dark side of privacy in sectors driven by data

inBloom is closing down amidst pressure from parents and teachers; the case raises important questions about privacy in our most sacred public institutions

inBloom, the US-based not-for-profit that touted a technology platform that would analyse student data to create individually tailored learning curriculums, announced Thursday that it will be winding down its operations and shuttering its doors within the coming weeks.

City of Edmonton CIO: “Cloud and big data can improve lives, without increasing taxes”

Chris Moore, chief information officer of the City of Emdonton

The thing people often forget about IT in local government is that budgets are always competing for other important infrastructure projects – roads, hospitals, fire stations, and the like. But what if local governments put in cloud-based systems and big data platforms that made themselves leaner and more flexible, but genuinely improved the lives of citizens without having to raise an extra cent from them? That, says Chris Moore, chief information officer of the City of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, is what the new economy is all about.