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Dropbox, Vodafone buddy up on cloud storage

Dropbox and Vodafone are partnering to push cloud services for consumers

Vodafone is partnering with Dropbox in a deal that will see the telco offer iPhone and Android phone customers free cloud-based storage for a year.

O2 partners with Box to target SMEs

Box and O2 are partnering to target enterprises

Box has announced a partnership with O2, Telefonica’s UK arm, that will see the two companies partner on rolling Box out to UK SMEs.

Telefónica unveils comprehensive virtualization plans

Enrique Blanco, global CTO, Telefónica

Spanish multi-national operator Telefónica has unveiled a wide-reaching Network Functions Virtualization programme that it says will see it have more than 30 per cent of new infrastructure virtualized by 2016. The initiative, which will launch in June this year and has been named Unica (which is Spanish for ‘unique’), provides a framework for Telefónica’s “global, end-to-end virtualisation deployment,” the firm said.

Telefónica and Orange grow European startups

Telefónica and Orange have thrown their weight behind a project led by the European Commission to aid growth among the region’s technology startups

European operator groups Telefónica and Orange have thrown their weight behind a project led by the European Commission to help the region’s technology startups to grow into global internet firms. The EC said it plans to “take on Silicon Valley” with the launch of two initiatives; an acceleration programme called the Startup Europe Partnership and a think tank called the European Digital Forum.

Telcos will not be at core of cloud says British Gas director of tech

Kassir Hussein, director technology, British Gas

Telcos are not the natural providers of enterprise cloud services because they do not come from the software industry, according to Kassir Hussain, director of technology for Centrica/British gas, and a former O2, Orange and 3UK network specialist.