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As NSA reform dies, questions about Safe Harbour reform loom

NSA reform, or lack thereof, may create more urgency around reforming the Safe Harbour agreement

The USA Freedom Act, which was proposed in a bid to end mass surveillance and give more transparency and oversight to how digital communications are monitored by the US intelligence community, died on the floor of the US Senate this week, falling just two votes shy of the 60 votes it needed to pass. Some analysts believe the result will stoke further debate around Safe Harbour and other data sharing agreements with the US.

Microsoft: Riley v. California ruling will advance cloud privacy

Microsoft: 'The Riley v. California ruling is a historic victory for privacy defenders'

A recent landmark US Supreme Court ruling on the legality of searching a mobile phone without a warrant is a ‘historical moment’ for defenders of privacy rights according to Microsoft general counsel & executive vice president, legal & corporate affairs Brad Smith.

German government drops Verizon in wake of Snowden revelations

Who will watch the watchmen?

The German government has decided to cancel a contract with Verizon Wireless prompted, at least in part, by the revelations of US spying unveiled by NSA contractor Edward Snowden last year. The apparent assumption on the part of the German government is that, as a US company, Verizon will be obliged to allow US security agencies access to German government communications over the Verizon network.

Deutsche Telekom reveals government snooping requests

Telekom is shifting pressure to the authorities

In the wake of a far reaching report by Vodafone Group revealing the level of government snooping demanded in 29 countries the company holds an operating licence in, German carrier Deutsche Telekom has published figures on wiretapping in its domestic market.

90% of European enterprise cloud services fail on enteprise grade security

Less than one in ten cloud services used in enterprises lack enterprise-grade security, a Skighhigh Networks survey reveals

More than 90 per cent of cloud services currently used by European enterprises fail to implement enterprise-grade security parameters according to research published Thursday. Rajiv Gupta, chief executive officer of Skyhigh Networks, the firm that commissioned the study, said the results suggest enterprises need to develop more robust cloud management strategies in order to mitigate the high levels of risk they are clearly taking on.

NSA revelations prompt Canadian, UK businesses to reconsider US cloud

NSA surveillance activities are causing a quarter of UK businesses, one in three Canadian businesses to consider moving off of US servers

As revelations of the US’s widespread digital intelligence gathering techniques continue to populate headlines worldwide, non-US businesses’ trust in American providers of cloud services continues to plummet. A study published at the end of last week suggests one in four Canadian and UK businesses are moving their data outside the US in a bid to evade the NSA’s watchful eye, a significant increase on results reported just six months ago.

Cloud firms discuss NSA spying, with Obama

President Obama and senior government officials met with executives from leading cloud and tech firms to discuss a range of topics; NSA spying was top of mind

US President Barack Obama met with executives from some of America’s largest cloud and IT service providers to discuss the government’s surveillance activities and its troubled site Tuesday. The move came a day after a US Federal Court judged said in a ruling that the NSA’s mass surveillance activities are “likely unconstitutional.”

IBM sued over Prism’s impact on Chinese business

The LSPRF claims IBM knew Prism and its support of CISPA would hurt its business in China, and withheld that from investors

According to a recently published filing with a New York District Court a major shareholder of IBM is suing the company and its chief financial officer Mark Loughridge for misleading investors on the impact of US government surveillance activities on its business in China.

Google ‘outraged’ over NSA datacentre hack

A leaked NSA slide detailing the "Google Cloud Exploitation"

According to National Security Agency documents recently leaked by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, the US intelligence agency has hacked the main communications links between the public internet and Google and Yahoo’s datacentres globally. Google is ‘outraged’ by the reports, saying it underscores the need for urgent reform.

RSA warns customers over NSA-compromised products

McAfee, Symantec, Juniper Networks and BlackBerry are among other companies using NIST's Dual_EC_DRBG standard

RSA Security, a subsidiary of cloud storage pioneer EMC has warned its customers against using an encryption technology it supplies because the company is unsure whether or not it has been compromised by the NSA.