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Basho, Cisco integrate Riak KV and Apache Mesos to strengthen IoT automation

Basho and Cisco have integrated Riak and Mesos

Cisco and Basho have successfully demoed the Riak key value store running on Apache Mesos, an open source technology that makes running diverse, complex distributed applications and workloads easier.

IBM buys Compose to strengthen database as a service

IBM has acquired Compose, a DBaaS specialist

IBM has acquired Compose, a database as a service provider specialising in NoSQL and NewSQL technologies.

Google reveals Bigtable, a NoSQL service based on what it uses internally

Google has punted another big data service, a variant of what it uses internally, into the wild

Search giant Google announced Bigtable, a fully managed NoSQL database service the company said combines its own internal database technology with open source Apache HBase APIs.

Percona buys Tokutek to mashup MySQL, NoSQL tech

Percona acquired Tokutek to strengthen its expertise in NoSQL

Relational database services firm Percona announced it has acquired Tokutek, which provides a high-performance MongoDB distribution and NoSQL services. Percona said the move will allow it to improve support for non-relational database technologies.

Big incumbents target big updates in big data bonanza

Oracle, HP and IBM are going big on big data

Oracle, HP and IBM have this week unveiled a series of updates to their big data portfolios in a bid to strengthen their grip on the database and analytics markets.

NewSQL vendor NuoDB boosts EMEA presence with UK HQ

NewSQL is an emerging category that borrows some of the scalability benefits of NoSQL databases for the relational database world

NuoDB, a Massachusetts-based vendor of NewSQL technology has announced the opening of its UK headquarters this week. Martin Gaffney, NuoDB’s newly appointed EMEA regional director told BCN that the rise of NewSQL and cloud combined with the relative lack of innovation in transactional databases has created a perfect storm for the firm.

Basho scores $25m to accelerate distributed NoSQL DB roadmap

Basho Technologies has secured $25m, which it will use to accelerate its product roadmap

Basho, the primary developers of the open source distributed key-value database Riak, has secured $25m in its latest round of funding. The company said the cash influx along with a refreshed management team will help re-position Basho, an early NoSQL pioneer, as a leader among a growing sea of non-relational database providers.

DataStax bags $106m to bolster cloud-centric databases

DataStax secured $106m in funding and will target the Asia Pacific region and India for expansion

DataStax, a provider of enterprise-grade Apache Cassandra, announced it has secured $106m in series E financing. The company’s chief customer officer and co-founder Matt Pfeil told BCN that NoSQL and is quickly becoming the transactional database technology of choice.

Rip Curl surfs the cloud, big data wave

Rip Curl is using Rackspace's ObjectRocket, a managed MongoDB service, to support the data generated from its smart watch platform globally

Aussie surf brand Rip Curl announced it is using Rackspace’s cloud-based NoSQL MongoDB service to support the company’s recently launched smart watch, which allows surfers to capture and analyse a range of data from their surf sessions.

Cloudera, MongoDB partner to mash up NoSQL, Hadoop

Cloudera and MongoDB have developed a connector to link Hadoop data and Mongo's NoSQL database

Hadoop specialist Cloudera announced a strategic partnership with MongoDB this week that will allow Cloudera customers to store Hadoop data in their NoSQL MongoDB databases. The move is a huge win for MongoDB, which is quickly emerging as one of the most popular databases in use today.