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Google upgrades Cloud SQL, promises managed MySQL offerings

Google office

Google has announced the beta availability of a new improved Cloud SQL for Google Cloud Platform – and an alpha version of its much anticipated Content Delivery Network offering.

Percona buys Tokutek to mashup MySQL, NoSQL tech

Percona acquired Tokutek to strengthen its expertise in NoSQL

Relational database services firm Percona announced it has acquired Tokutek, which provides a high-performance MongoDB distribution and NoSQL services. Percona said the move will allow it to improve support for non-relational database technologies.

YouTube brings Vitess MySQL scaling magic to Kubernetes

YouTube is working to integrate a beefed up version of MySQL with Kubernetes

YouTube is working to integrate Vitess, which improves the ability of MySQL databases to scale in containerised environments, with Kubernetes, an open source container deployment and management tool.

PredictionIO raises $2.5m to bolster open source machine learning platform

PredictionIO aims to be the MySQL of the machine learning world

PredictionIO, a startup providing machine learning technologies for a range of applications has secured $2.5m in funding. The company’s co-founder and chief executive officer Simon Chan told Business Cloud News that the funding will make PredictionIO “the MySQL of prediction.”

Google, LinkedIn and Twitter join Facebook-led WebScaleSQL, a big database for big data

The Facebook-led WebScaleSQL project counts Twitter, LinkedIn and Google as members

Web-scale companies are among the few that can truly claim they have a “big data problem.” In a bid to improve on and indeed leverage some of the features included in MySQL for true big data applications, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook announced this week that the companies are collaborating on WebScaleSQL, a project focused on running and fine tuning MySQL at web-scale.

Salesforce folds Cloudconnect into Heroku

Salesforce will fold Cloudconnect into Heroku, one of the company's PaaSes

Fresh off the launch of its mobile-focused CRM platform as a service suite, Salesforce quietly has acquired cloud database integration specialist Cloudconnect. While the deal is light on details, it is clear the company’s technology will be folded into Salesforce revamped Heroku platform.

GenieDB’s distributed relational database moves to the cloud

GenieDB aims to bring NoSQL philosophies to a managed MySQL Database-as-a-Service

GenieDB, a start-up developing database technology on Monday unveiled its MySQL database as a service (DBaaS), a continuously available relational database service.