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Michael Dell: Cloud at the centre of our strategy

Michael Dell: Cloud is at the centre of our strategy

Dell founder and chief executive officer Michael Dell told analysts and press this week that going private has helped the company thrive following his controversial move to buy back the company he founded in 1984. The company plans to keep acting as the single interface for multiple public clouds, but Dell also hinted the company may move away from longstanding partner Intel towards using ARM-based chips for some of its servers, which could send ripples through the datacentre world and the cloud segment.

Dell appoints Wipro veteran Anand Sankaran as global cloud president

Anand Sankaran, president and global head of Dell services' infrastructure and cloud

In its first big cloud-related personnel shakeup since founder Michael Dell took the company private, Dell announced that Anand Sankaran will join the company as president and global head of Dell services’ infrastructure and cloud. The move may give Dell an edge in high-growth markets.