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Telstra: Companies buying from too many cloud vendors, adding complexity

IT pros are buying cloud services from too many vendors, adding unnecessary complexity, Telstra claims

Enterprises are buying their cloud services from too many vendors, which is creating unnecessary complexity and slowing time to market, according to recently published research from Australian telco Telstra.

Telstra extends its cloud to the US

Telstra announced that it has set up a new cloud computing node on the US east coast

Telstra this week announced that it has extended its cloud services platform to the east coast US, an expansion of the platform it deploys in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. The move comes the same day one of its European-based competitors, Interoute, announced the launch of a new cloud node in New York.

The CIO’s role shifting focus to compliance, brokerage

IT decision makers and technology leaders were speaking at the Cloud World Forum in London on Tuesday

As cloud services increasingly make their way into organisations the role of the CIO will likely become centred on compliance and service brokerage – if it continues to be relevant at all, according to a number of senior UK IT decision makers.

Telstra Global joins Cloud Industry Forum

Telstra Global joins cloud industry heavyweights like Dell, VMware and Microsoft

Carrier services provider Telstra Global on Wednesday announced that it has joined the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), a non-profit industry body working towards the development of a common code of practice for cloud service providers.

Telstra extends cloud services to UK, Hong Kong and Singapore

Telstra Global launched cloud services in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, and is eyeing the US for a launch soon

Australia-based carrier services firm Telstra Global on Wednesday extended its cloud services in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, replicating its offering for the Australian market.