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Oracle hits out at Salesforce as cloud revenue grows

Larry Ellison said the company's cloud revenue will eclipse Salesforce's revenue this year

Oracle reported SaaS and PaaS revenues of $375m for the third quarter 2015, up 33 per cent from the previous year, with the company’s cloud services now growing at a quicker rate than those offered by Salesforce according to Oracle chief technology officer Larry Ellison.

Larry Ellison becomes chairman, CTO in executive re-shuffle at Oracle

Oracle's Larry Ellison is going to be much more heavily involved in developing Oracle technology

Oracle announced Larry Ellison will step down from his current role as chief executive officer to take on executive chairmanship of the company as well as the role of chief technology officer. The move will also see co-presidents Mark Hurd and Safra Catz jointly take the helm as CEO.

Oracle buys cloud firm Micros for $5.3bn to bolster hospitality sector expertise

Oracle has entered into an agreement to acquire Micros for $5.3bn

Database giant Oracle announced its intent to acquire Micros, a provider of cloud-based solutions for the hospitality and retail industries, for $5.3bn. The move will give Oracle a big presence in key verticals where demand for cloud services is booming.

Oracle touts 25% cloud revenue increases

Oracle announced cloud revenue growth of 25 per cent, which came at the cost of traditional software license revenues

Oracle boasted a 25 per cent increase in cloud revenue in its latest earnings report as it looks to continue its transformation to offering a predominately cloud-focused portfolio of services. But the company reported minimal revenue increases, 3 per cent, and missed analysts’ profits and sales estimates.

Oracle to add four new cloud datacentres by Q2 2014

Oracle said the new datacentres will cater to local data privacy and data residency requirements

In a bid to add more cloud capacity Oracle announced Tuesday that it will build out a four new datacentres in Germany and Canada, which will run a range of the company’s software as a service offerings. The new datacentres will be online by the end of Q2 2014 and help Oracle cater to organisations that need to conform to regional data privacy and data residency legislation.