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IBM announces Linux mainframe app development cloud

IBM is trying to keep mainframes relevant in the cloud era

IBM is open sourcing a large set of Linux mainframe code and launching the LinuxONE Developer Cloud, a cloud-based platform for developers to create applications for a Linux server based on the mainframe.

Splunk, Syncsort take mainframe big data analysis to the cloud

Splunk and Syncsort are partnering to help enterprises analyse data generated by IBM mainframes in the cloud

Big data service provider Splunk has teamed up with Syncsort to bring analytics and data visualisation capabilities to IBM mainframe-generated data.

IBM opens mainframe, cloud centre in Beijing

IBM opened a cloud computing competency centre in Beijing, just one day after it announced it would bring SoftLayer to Hong Kong

IBM opened a dedicated System z Linux and cloud competency centre in Beijing this week. The company said it will use the centre to provide guidance to students and companies on using cloud-based solution built on the mainframe platform.

Marist College CIO: How Big Data and cloud can improve learning outcomes

William Thirsk, vice president and chief information officer, Marist College

Leveraging cutting edge technology to improve the learning process in higher education is a concept most universities strive to practice but increasingly struggle to afford. Bill Thirsk, vice president and chief information officer of Marist College, a medium-sized liberal arts university in New York said that technology, particularly cloud and Big Data, is essential to how the school improves the learning outcomes of its students.