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Microsoft strengthens cloud offering by bringing SQL Server to Linux


Microsoft is bringing its SQL Server to Linux, enabling SQL Server to deliver a consistent data platform across Windows and Linux, as well as on-premises and cloud.

Survey reveals support for OpenStack but fears over hidden costs

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Almost all IT professionals want to adopt OpenStack but fear the hidden costs, according to a new study by SUSE Linux.

Microsoft Azure to become a Red Hat Enterprise Linux channel partner

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A new Microsoft-Red Hat partnership could make hybrid cloud computing a lot easier and less binding, in a surprise move that sees Microsoft become a channel partner for an open source company

Wind River announces upgraded IoT software platform

internet of things farming

Embedded tech vendor Wind River has announced an upgraded portfolio of IoT software development tools for the internet of things (IoT).

IBM announces Linux mainframe app development cloud

IBM is trying to keep mainframes relevant in the cloud era

IBM is open sourcing a large set of Linux mainframe code and launching the LinuxONE Developer Cloud, a cloud-based platform for developers to create applications for a Linux server based on the mainframe.

Red Hat beefs up cloud partner programme as ecosystem broadens

Red Hat is broadening its cloud partner programme

Red Hat is replacing its existing cloud provider programme with a revamped one it claims will help provide better support for distributors, managed service providers and systems integrators. The company said the move was in response to what it sees as a broadening ecosystem of partnerships in cloud.

DigitalOcean brings FreeBSD to its cloud

DigitalOcean is providing FreeBSD on its cloud platform

Dev-friendly cloud provider DigitalOcean is making FreeBSD available on the company’s cloud platform. The move makes DigitalOcean one of just a handful of cloud providers to offer the Unix-like operating system.

Ubuntu Core slimmed down for cloud, frameworks sold separately

Ubuntu Core is a slimmed down, re-architected version of the OS that brings some big benefits for the containerisation and cloud crowd

Canonical has launched Ubunto Core, a slimmed-down, re-architected version of the Ubuntu operating system the company claims will bring some pretty significant benefits to cloud users of the popular Linux OS.

Red Hat CTO abruptly quits

Stevens was a huge proponent of open source technologies and a driver behind the company's participation with OpenStack

Red Hat’s chief technology officer Brian Stevens has abruptly stepped down from his role and quit the company.

VMware joins the containerisation effort

VMware is getting behind Docker and Kubernetes

VMware announced it has teamed up with Docker, Google, and Pivotal in a move that will see the virtualisation giant work to improve support for Linux containers running in its virtualised environment. The move is as much an effort to stave off a nascent containerisation threat as it is a bid to position itself well for an impending boom.