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Mirantis, CoreOS deliver Kubernetes on OpenStack

Mirantis and CoreOS are partnering on Kubernetes integration with OpenStack

Pure-play OpenStack vendor Mirantis has teamed with CoreOS to integrate its distribution of the open source cloud software with Tectonic, CoreOS’ commercial Kubernetes distribution.

HP to buy Stackato to boost hybrid cloud strategy

HP is buying Stackato to boost support for Linux containers

HP is to acquire ActiveState’s Stackato business for an undisclosed sum, which the company said would give a boost to its hybrid cloud strategy.

Box, Docker, eBay, Google among newly formed Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is putting Linux containers at the core of its definition of 'cloud-native' apps

The Linux Foundation along with a number of enterprises, cloud service providers , telcos and vendors have banded together to form the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in a bid to standardise and advance Linux containerisation for cloud.

Docker startup Rancher Labs secures $10m for container-based IaaS software

Rancher is developing container-based IaaS software

Rancher Labs, a startup developing Linux container-based infrastructure-as-a-service software, has secured $10m in a series A round of funding, which it said would be used to bolster its engineering and development efforts.

Containers ready for the primetime, Rackspace CTO says

John Engates was in London for the Rackspace Solve conference

Linux containers have been around for some time but only now is the technology reaching a level of maturity enterprise cloud developers are comfortable with, explained John Engates, Rackspace’s chief technology officer.

VMware open sources IAM, cloud OS tools

VMware is open sourcing cloud tools

VMware has open sourced two sets of tools the company said would accelerate cloud adoption in the enterprise and improve their security posture.

Microsoft debuts container-like architecture for cloud

Microsoft is trying to push more cloud-friendly architectures

Microsoft has announced Azure Service Fabric, a framework for ISVs and startups developing highly scalable cloud applications which combines a range of microservices, orchestration, automation and monitoring tools. The move comes as the software company looks to deepen its use of – and ties to – open source tech. Azure Service Fabric, which is based […]

Microsoft in big Azure Docker push

Microsoft is bolstering its support of Docker tech

Microsoft has announced a number of updates to its cloud and virtualisation platforms that improve support for Docker deployments on Azure and Hyper-V.

Google, Mirantis partner to integrate Kubernetes and OpenStack

Google is working with Mirantis to improve portability of Kubernetes-deployed apps in OpenStack

Google and OpenStack vendor Mirantis announced the two companies are teaming up to integrate Kubernetes with OpenStack in a bid to improve hybrid cloud support for Linux containers.

Deutsche Telekom experimenting with NFV in Docker

Deutsche Telekom is looking to exploit the unique capabilities of Linux containers for NFV

Deutsche Telekom is experimenting with running virtualised network functions in Linux containers, a senior researcher engineer at the German incumbent telco told BCN.