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SEC filing shows LinkedIn negotiating skills are worth $5bn

Microsoft To Layoff 18,000

The US Securities and Exchange Committee has released its filings outlining the road to Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, during which $5 billion was added to the value of the deal.

Microsoft commits to $26bn LinkedIn purchase in social media play

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Microsoft has made a play to enter the social market after announcing it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion.

Google, LinkedIn and Twitter join Facebook-led WebScaleSQL, a big database for big data

The Facebook-led WebScaleSQL project counts Twitter, LinkedIn and Google as members

Web-scale companies are among the few that can truly claim they have a “big data problem.” In a bid to improve on and indeed leverage some of the features included in MySQL for true big data applications, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook announced this week that the companies are collaborating on WebScaleSQL, a project focused on running and fine tuning MySQL at web-scale.

Spiceworks bags $57m to bolster IT-centric social network

Spiceworks raised $57m in new funding, which it plans to use to expand and branch out into peripheral services.

Spiceworks, the makers of the popular social network for IT professionals announced Tuesday that it has secured $57m in a new round of funding led by Goldman Sachs. Sometimes known as the LinkedIn for IT pros, Spiceworks said it plans to use the funds to double down on expansion and product development – branching out into areas dominated by another darling of the IT world, GitHub.

Cloud firms seek government surveillance reform

Microsoft, Apple, Twitter and Google are among eight cloud firms calling for widespread reforms in US intelligence gathering techniques

Google, Microsoft and Facebook are among eight leading cloud and tech firms calling for sweeping reform in how US intelligence agencies gather data in bulk and restrict the ability of service providers to inform their customers on the extent and nature of government requests for such data, according to an open letter published by the group today.