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Will Microsoft’s ‘walled-garden’ approach to virtualisation pay off?

Microsoft's approach to virtualisation: Strategic intent or tunnel vision?

While the data centre of old played host to an array of physical technologies, the data centre of today and of the future is based on virtualisation, public or private clouds, containers, converged servers, and other forms of software-defined solutions. Eighty percent of workloads are now virtualised with most companies using heterogeneous environments.

VMware vets launch Platform9 to mash up best of AWS, Docker and OpenStack

Platform9 aims to give IT admins management and automation capabilities for virtualised and containerised environments in one place

Platform9, a cloud management platform founded by former VMware engineers, emerged from stealth mode Tuesday and announced it has secured $4.5m in funding from Redpoint Ventures. The company said it aims to AWS-style public cloud capabilities in-house to VMware, OpenStack, KVM and Docker with its cloud management and automation platform.

Open Virtualisation Alliance transforms into Linux Foundation Collaborative Project

The Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA) says it will OVA will continue to advance KVM through marketing, education and advocacy as a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project

In a bid to extend its relationship with the global Linux development community the Open Virtualization Alliance announced today that it is joining the Linux Foundation to become a collaborative project.

Today’s cloud stack is a product of history, not optimisation, KVM founder says

Dor Laor,. chief Executive Officer, Cloudius

Two KVM founders have recently announced the launch of OSv, an open source operating system designed to give applications better access to the raw compute power of the underlying infrastructure. Dor Laor, chief executive officer at Cloudius Systems – the startup behind OSv – says that the problem Cloudius is trying to solve has to do with an abundance of layers in today’s cloud stack, something the organisation is looking to fundamentally change with the new operating system.