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Samsung acquires containers-cloud company Joyent

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Samsung has agreed to buy San Francisco based cloud provider Joyent in an effort to diversify its product offering in declining markets.

Joyent launches Container-Native offerings for public and hybrid cloud platform


Joyent has launched its next generation container-native (G4) and KVM-based (K4) instance package families, which are now available on its Triton-powered public cloud platform.

Box, Docker, eBay, Google among newly formed Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is putting Linux containers at the core of its definition of 'cloud-native' apps

The Linux Foundation along with a number of enterprises, cloud service providers , telcos and vendors have banded together to form the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in a bid to standardise and advance Linux containerisation for cloud.

Joyent appoints former Cisco exec Scott Hammond exec as CEO

Scott Hammond: 'The long tail of cloud has arrived'

Cloud infrastructure service provider Joyent has announced the appointment of former Cisco executive Scott Hammond as chief executive officer, who will lead the firms as it seeks to accelerate growth of its hybrid cloud offering and continue competing – in both services and philosophy – with OpenStack.

Joyent taps Clustrix for cloud SQL, app performance analytics

Joyent is partnering with Clustrix to offer the latter's database service and improve application performance

Infrastructure as a service provider Joyent announced a partnership with Clustrix Thursday that will see the public cloud provider deploy ClustrixDB to add SQL database capabilities and real-time application monitoring analytics for customers.

Joyent CTO Jason Hoffman steps down, says Cantrill is likely successor

Jason Hoffman, co-founder and adviser, Joyent

Joyent’s chief technology officer and co-founder Jason Hoffman is leaving his position at the company, according to a blog post authored by Hoffman on the company’s website.

Dell to focus on OpenStack-based private cloud, dumps public cloud strategy

Dell servers

As Dell continues to grapple with slumping demand in its legacy business units, the company has cancelled plans to launch an OpenStack-based public cloud and has also canned its VMWare virtualisation and storage offerings already on the market.